In a time where the Empire's grip on the galaxy is still tenuous, take command of early Rebel luminaries or the Emperor's closest advisors in an epic struggle to define a galaxy still smoldering from the Clone Wars. Assemble your faction's war machine from dozens of asynchronous lines, then augment it with hundreds of potential upgrades. Transform aspiring heroes into legends to provide intangible leadership to your military and government. Leverage entire planets and civilizations to their greatest potential through base building. Then, when everything is in place, plot your conquest vector. This is a four-decade strategic simulation of warfare across 120,000 light-years.

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Revolutionary mod... if you like extreme canonical accuracy, realistic gameplay, and very long battles. Don't forget the one bug in gc where if you spend too much time in gc, the game mechanics go haywire and you can no longer select units and whatnot. As everyone knows, the lag is close to unbearable and can sometimes make gc unplayable but there seems to be less in some gc modes. You will always get that aforementioned bug though. I love the weapon diversity and the "labor of love" dedication to Star Wars consistency. I wish all FOC mods were this accurate to star wars canon. Great work!


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The graphics are awesome, albiet laggy, the unit cap is awesome. the AI cheats. alot. skirmish matches are horrible, and the build times are horrible for everything. its really realistic though. but no, i dont recommend this now that ive actually played it. if you engoy a REALLY long GC, then this is for you. the land battles suck, just like in the original EaW

EDIT: I have now played this mod for about a week, and i generally enjoy the space battles now, although i cant wait for the skirmish AI to be fixxed. Be prepared to have a lot of AI ships in your base within 10 minutes, but once you finish them off, your only facing fighters. thats how broken the skirmish AI is in 1.1
Hopefully the 1.2 will be fixxed eh? solid 9/10

Here's my short review of my absolute faforite mod,

The good:

Every space unit can be upgraded several times, wich makes this mod unique.

Pirate/ neutral planets have varied and usually strong defenses. Auto resolve is not recommended.

There are several minimods available from

Still being develloped, the next version should adress the bad.

It has a very helpfull and friendly support forum.

Most important, it has great potential.

The bad:

Disfunctional AI.
Low framerates.
Land combat is mostly unplayable.


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