In a time where the Empire's grip on the galaxy is still tenuous, take command of early Rebel luminaries or the Emperor's closest advisors in an epic struggle to define a galaxy still smoldering from the Clone Wars. Assemble your faction's war machine from dozens of asynchronous lines, then augment it with hundreds of potential upgrades. Transform aspiring heroes into legends to provide intangible leadership to your military and government. Leverage entire planets and civilizations to their greatest potential through base building. Then, when everything is in place, plot your conquest vector. This is a four-decade strategic simulation of warfare across 120,000 light-years.

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An exceptionally detailed mod that is unfortunately let down by its over-reliance on statistical perfection at the expense of playability:
- Battles take forever to complete due to the huge mismatch between damage dealt by weapons and defensive hull and shield values (e.g. an Imperial-I Star Destroyer, Venator-I and Dreadnaught-I took over ten minutes on fast forward to destroy a Golan-II Defense Platform - which barely managed to take down the shields on the Venator).
- Tooltips contain vast amounts of data about everything from shield strengths and armament to Garm Bel Iblis's height - but there is nothing to tell me which Shipyard structure will permit me to build which ships.
- The economy is hugely diversified, but so much reliance is placed on an assorted collection of transports and freighters that both the GC and battlefields are littered with near-useless units.
- Too many heroes. 110 named heroes, all with different upgrades and abilities. In addition it is impossible to keep track of them because the hero bar has been removed from the galactic view.

Sorry Phoenix, while Phoenix Rising sounds good on paper (canon ships, stats, heroes, planets, etc) it just doesn't seem to work in practice.

Straight away this mod appealed to the massive Star Wars geek in me; Canonical ship stats, epic space battles that can last for a VERY long time depending on the make-up of each fleet - both of these are awesome, and the dev's have nailed them both.

In what may seem a paradox, both of these are also the games weak points.
1) The Unit tooltip's contain tons (or tonnes) of info; but some of it is just unnecessary. And this sometimes comes at the expense of potentially useful information. (What structure do I need to build this damn ship - Alt-Tabs to go check the relevant XML file)
2) Space battles can last a very LOOOOOOOOOOOONG time; I see a world defended by a sole space station, I'll jump a couple of Star Destroyers in there, take it out, and run away - except I can't. As much as I love the epic space battles, sometimes you just want it over with.

I suffered from quite a bit of lag, but that fault probably lies with my PC.

I hope my thoughts don't put others off of trying this mod, or even incite people to troll. Because no matter what I or you may think about this mod, there are two things to remember;
1) The Phoenix Rising team have pushed this game to what must be approaching the limit of the Alamo engine.
And more importantly
2) This mod team will have an idea in their collective heads about what their ideal EAW experience is; and they make this mod with the intention of realising it.
It irks me to no end when I see people (non-modders), who won't do the work themselves, criticise the efforts of those who will (modders).

In conclusion because I'm running out of space,
Some very good ideas that will appeal to some, and alienate others.

If I may end with a recommendation:
The ideas in this mod are brilliant, and would wonder if the team have considered doing a version of their mod for Sins Of A Solar Empire?
I think their ideas would benefit massively from the platform that game constitutes.


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