In a time where the Empire's grip on the galaxy is still tenuous, take command of early Rebel luminaries or the Emperor's closest advisors in an epic struggle to define a galaxy still smoldering from the Clone Wars. Assemble your faction's war machine from dozens of asynchronous lines, then augment it with hundreds of potential upgrades. Transform aspiring heroes into legends to provide intangible leadership to your military and government. Leverage entire planets and civilizations to their greatest potential through base building. Then, when everything is in place, plot your conquest vector. This is a four-decade strategic simulation of warfare across 120,000 light-years.

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10 TheWafflesRLieZ

Aug 5th, 2014

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6 tornado2345

Aug 4th, 2014

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7 Bucman55

Jun 9th, 2014

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10 MiWadiAddiction

Feb 14th, 2014

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8 drfreakd21

Feb 7th, 2014

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10 Wookienator

Feb 6th, 2014

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9 kyle_katarn67

Jan 13th, 2014

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10 Bentabyss1

Jan 7th, 2014

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10 Kad_Venku

Dec 17th, 2013

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4 Alexx321

Nov 30th, 2013

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