Seeking shelter underground to escape the nuclear winter they caused, the inhabitants of the Citadel have had no contact with the outside world for hundreds of years. Now as the radiation levels die down they are poised to reclaim the surface of their world. Taking the role of a new trainee Commander, you will take charge of a squad of marines sent on missions to rediscover the desolate surface of the planet. Fighting against the bands of savages that now call the ruins of civilization their home, you will become embroiled in epic conflict taking place both on and off the battlefield, for the world has changes since the war, and nothing is quite as it seems…

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Squad Commander Source Files

Squad Commander Source Files

Mar 26, 2008 Full Version (234.57mb) 0 comments

The source files for ver 1.0 of 'Philip Muwanga's Squad Commander' For use by users who have experienced problems installing the game with the existing...

Philip Muwanga's Squad Commander Version 1.0

Philip Muwanga's Squad Commander Version 1.0

Mar 17, 2008 Full Version (182.14mb) 2 comments

The 1.0 build of 'Philip Muwanga's Squad Commander'. A squad based, RTS, total conversion for the Unreal 2004 engine.

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