Scale down the treacherous rooms and hallways of this creepy mansion as you find the true meaning of Phengophobia!

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Hey, nice to see you had the guts to actually make a custom story out of the devilish editor, just a few things you need to improve on.
The mapping and lighting were nice, but the main problem was the lack of scares to go with them.
The scares were, almost without exception, all jumps in this short map. However, even some of these weren't very scary at all. I think the maker needs to play some of the more popular stories to get a feel for how to create a creepy atmosphere and good scares. Also, the flying naked guys are a bit clich├ęd now, I think people need to find other things to throw at unsuspecting Amnesia players.
Finally, although I realise this map wasn't meant to have a story, it could have benefited from even a tiny bit of backstory. I also don't understand the relevance of the title, but perhaps that's just me being a derp.
Overall, promising features but needs a bit more attention to scares.


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