This mod aims to turn Calradia (Warband's native world) into a fantasy one by adding several fantasy races, weapons, magic, monsters and new factions and cities. The mod is currently an open beta so there is still much to do and polish, but it is quite fun.

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This mod has great potential to be a lot of fun; it includes magic and various new items, weapons, and armours, as well as new races to play as.

It has potential to be extremely fun, should the few bugs within it be fixed (and storyline added to the new companions/followers).

Great! although i am new and can't rate above 8(bummer), this has a lot of potential, as long that the mod doesn't die!

An amazing idea, while other fantasy mods brought new worlds this one implements fantasy into the world Warband players know and love.


This mod is so great, i love it!!

great mod!

The best mod I ever played

Cool mod magic=AWESOME!


Bladerunner54 says

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love the this mod great magic but i don't like the fact that you have to buy it just an idea, maybe add like spell tomb type thing were you have to battle to get spell

This, It's Probably the Best mod i've played in Alpha Stage. Alas, This guy is really good.

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