PeZBOT is a multiplayer bot-mod for Call of Duty 4 and World at War. The aim of the mod is to introduce relatively life-like A.I. to local multiplayer games so those who choose not to go online or prefer to practice against bots before doing so, can. This mod is no longer in development but feel free to download the source code, create your own version and share it in the forums.

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Sep 19th, 2010
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PeZBOT 005p for Call of Duty: World at War - offline multiplayer bots for those who like to play offline.

Version 005p (19 September 2010):

- Bots will now throw Signal Flares.
- Bots may spread out / flank more.
- No longer require sv_botsRandomInput DVAR in the command line.
- Added in-game PeZBOT menu allowing you to change PeZBOT settings without having to use the console. (Press "B" (default) then select PeZBOT)
- The mod will now appear in the mod list on the game menu.
- "Being obvious" distance increased - bots will see you from a slightly longer distance away if you are not moving.
- Bots will now choose attachments for weapons.
- Bots will now choose a perk upon spawning.
- Bots start at a random rank.
- Bots may now melee enemy dogs.
- Rewaypointed Seelow for better performance - from 486 to 373 waypoints.
- Fixed waypoint bugs in all maps.
- Added DVARs: svr_pezbots_axis & svr_pezbots_allies to give greater control and allow uneven team selection.


We have no problem if people want to mod PeZBOT and release their own version, but we have one golden rule: the new mod MUST be renamed in the following format "PeZBOT_" + "MOD NAME OR MAKER" + "VERSION NUMBER". This is to avoid any confusion about which mod is which and by whom.

We are more than happy to supply the source for our latest versions and let people update their modded PeZBOT with our latest scripts. We would ask that each PeZBOT modder release the souce to their mod and make it freely available and permitted to be itself modded or added to another version of PeZBOT, including ours if we like the addition.

With this arrangement, the PeZBOT mod will be the winner. Instead of two heads working on new ideas and solving problems we can have many.

This is pre-alpha code, meaning it is in no way feature complete and may be full of bugs, use at your own risk. We will not be held responsible for any damages this mod does to your PC.


PEZZALUCIFER - Original author of the mod: did all of the coding of the CoD4 version until 008p and ported the mod to WaW. Huge thanks to him for creating this great mod and letting us continue to improve it!

ATB - Huge amount of coding: lots of bug fixes and huge additions, the mod wouldn't be what it is today if it wasn't for him!

Lord_Gannondorf - Waypointing / Coding

402, AA_Fan6566, AbneyPark, AintNoMeInTeam,BritishBulldog1,
Bruc3, Gerhart, Gumpy, INSANE, JamJam11, Kill3r, MasterB,
Maks Deryabin, NovemberDobby, OpenWarfare Mod, Patmansan,
Sparks, Tally, TL-SpacepiG, Whitsel, WCP, Zeroy.

(If we forgot to add you to the credits then please contact us!)

Things to know:

- This is pre-alpha code, meaning it is in no way feature complete and may be full of bugs!
- All stock maps, as of patch 1.7, are waypointed.
- Bots work on all game modes. (See "Known Bugs/Issues")
- Bots have been tested and working on version 1.7 of World at War. (Please do not report any bugs found with older versions!)
- Bots DO NOT work in Nazi Zombie Mode or Co-Op! They are for Multiplayer only.

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PeZBOT 005p for World at War
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donjoker Sep 20 2010 says:

wahhoo 1st comment and i say i love you pezbots team keep it up u rock im downloading now let the battles begin

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Guest Dec 26 2013 replied:

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Maggy_ Apr 11 2015 replied:

Yeah... You should really get yourself some skill

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taakuu Sep 20 2010 says:

Hi all i'm french,

I have a problem to play with bot!

I created the good shortcut " C:\Program Files\Activision\Call of Duty-World at War\CoDWaWmp.exe " +set fs_game " mods / mp_PeZBOTwaw " +exec pezbot.cfg

But the mod does not appear in the list of mods and the bot do not go into the deathmatch or other game type! The console not repair the code svr_pezbot 4 for example!

How to make! plz help me

sorry for my bad english! ;)

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Wizard_0_0 Nov 15 2010 replied:

make this
mods / mp_PeZBOTwaw

look like this

no spaces

or just start the game normally and it should be listed under mods and start that way

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venjhammet Dec 24 2011 replied:

The game works like COD4 pezbot but with a different place to put the mod. You have to enable "hidden files and folders". Just click Start on your PC and type hidden files and folders on the Search bar below to access it. Since I'm using Win7 it is located here: Drive C/Users/Your Pc name/AppData/Local/Activision/CoDWaW. Chances are you'll find two folders there that is players and servercache. Just make one folder and name it mods. Place that PeZBOTWAW_005p inside it(mods) and Start the game. Just click MODS and launch. Now you're ready to play CoDWaW pezbot and just press "B" on the keyboard to access the menu. Have fun.

+2 votes     reply to comment
cktkilLa Jan 31 2012 replied:

did everything you have said but still doesn't work... in the console, i type the command, ex. "/svr_pezbots 10" then something comes like this "unknown_cmd : svr_pezbots" means it's not really working at all... all the comments in here have the same problem means it has a 50% chance to work? is there any solution?? i'm asking the same questions just like everyone has.. but still no one have an answer to this problem... you are refering only to the right installation but not on how the mod really work or not in game... hope you can kindly help us.. thanks!!!

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Guest Jul 23 2013 replied:

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Guest Apr 13 2014 replied:

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desperadolost Oct 25 2010 says:

samenproblem here dude! i launch the mode ! though its invisible yet iys launched! you can c griefly the mode title shortly b4 the game satrts!
but my problem is the same as yours: console does not recognize the command line to add bots ingame! unknow command : svr_pezbots..

+1 vote     reply to comment
u0928152598 Oct 30 2010 replied:

unknown command : svr_pezbots..

Yes! I have the same problem here. Plz solve this problem! Tks!

+2 votes     reply to comment
bradbowllama Jul 8 2011 replied:

I'm having the same problem on mine. I tried pressing 'b' but the Pezbots item doesn't appear on the menu. I can't add bots.

+2 votes     reply to comment
venjhammet Dec 24 2011 replied:

You don't have to use the command just follow what I've said above and it will be just like COD4 pezbot just pressing "B" to access the menu

+2 votes     reply to comment
desperadolost Oct 25 2010 says:

one more thing! punkbuster wont be deactived in multiplayer game even when dedicated server is 0

+1 vote     reply to comment
Wolf_van_Krautz Nov 1 2010 says:

Select PezBots Mod in the mods list then in Game press B in the start select PezBots then choose youself

+1 vote     reply to comment
Felix300 Nov 3 2010 says:

Hi all,

i have a problem my bots donĀ“t shot,they only use knives?

plz help!

sorry for my english

+1 vote     reply to comment
aNuclearPigeon Nov 11 2010 says:

I have a rather interesting issue I'd like to raise up.
I've installed the mod in the correct directory.
I've copy & pasted the execution path onto a multiplayer shortcut.
I've reinstalled the game and patched it up.
As soon as the my server on the correct shortcut it crashes back to the main menu with this error message.
Your guidance to fix this would be much appreciated

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vozmonsoon Jul 23 2013 replied:

Do you think reinstalling and repatching the game might have interfered with some of the appdata files, including pezbots?

+1 vote     reply to comment
Wizard_0_0 Nov 15 2010 says:

Hey Gannondorf are there any plans to make this mod more compatible with a dedicated server. Restarting the server after every map is a pain to say the least. Figured out a way to automate it so not as bad now.

Love the mod awaiting next release.

If anyone wants the IP pm me for it

+1 vote     reply to comment
Lord_Gannondorf Author
Lord_Gannondorf Nov 18 2010 replied:

No plans. The mod is designed for local offline play, not dedicated servers. Sorry.

+1 vote   reply to comment
Guest May 10 2014 replied:

This comment is currently awaiting admin approval, join now to view.

will-munny Dec 5 2010 says:

good morning and thank for the mod

+1 vote     reply to comment
lennake Dec 28 2010 says:

cant make this work bots worked for cod4 put i have tried evrything and it dosent work!

+1 vote     reply to comment
Wizard_0_0 Dec 28 2010 replied:

Are you trying to run this on a dedicated server or host on your own machine?

More than likely it is a problem with your command line in either case.
Read the installation read me file, and follow it.

+1 vote     reply to comment
lennake Dec 29 2010 replied:

yeah i read it and did ervything like it must be but it dosent work!!

+1 vote     reply to comment
venjhammet Dec 24 2011 replied:

It will never work if you're placing the mod on the game directory. You have to access the hidden files and folder for CODWaW and place it there.

+1 vote     reply to comment
Wizard_0_0 Dec 31 2010 replied:

If you want to play on a dedicated server try ours
We are using the KP sound edition with 18 bots.

It does restart after every map. No way around that at the moment.

+1 vote     reply to comment
lennake Jan 1 2011 replied:

after tring bot mod my mp cras all the time ?

+1 vote     reply to comment
Wizard_0_0 Jan 4 2011 replied:

If you changed your command line to play the bots change it back to default that should fix it.

should be something like this:
"C:\Program Files\Activision\Call of Duty - World at War\CoDWaWmp.exe"

To play on our server just start mp normally and join, you should not start with the mod command line.

+1 vote     reply to comment
tuditud Mar 9 2011 says:

Hey guys, awesome mod, but it doesn't work for me :(. First I can't start a Not Dedicated Server without having Punkbuster on. The commands don't work and the mod doesn't appear in my mod list. Can someone help me?

+1 vote     reply to comment
vozmonsoon Jul 23 2013 replied:

Repatch the game to 1.7?

+1 vote     reply to comment
TxT Apr 22 2011 says:

When I am playing WAW using the shortcut that I created for the installation of pezbots,am I supposed to be online?I always show online and I thought it was for offline use.

+1 vote     reply to comment
gamerdude132 May 24 2011 says:

Okay, so I followed ALL of the instructions to the letter, but that didn't work. I ****** around until the game flat-out didn't work.

So I reinstalled it, making sure to patch the game BEFORE I put the mod in (that's what messed the game up before, by it not being in order). Then I put the mod in perfectly and did everything I was supposed to. The game works, the mod shows in my "Mods" thing in-game, I clicked it, started up a new server (Not dedicated, Maximum Ping at 999, Punkbuster turned off). I started up a nice bit of Team Deathmatch on Castle, typed in the command and ********. It doesn't work. When I start the match, it shows that I had loaded the mod and I had old it to load the mod at the MP Main Menu. But it simply doesn't work.

Can someone tell me what I did wrong?

P.S. Oh, and CoD4's version works perfectly. Great job on that one, by the way. So fun.

+1 vote     reply to comment
aidsaap Jun 25 2011 says:

to all: you have to put "/" in front of your command!!!

It has to look like this: /svr_pezbots...

I forgot it too, but now it works xD

+1 vote     reply to comment
vozmonsoon Jul 23 2013 replied:

/svr_pezbots #
Probably one of the first things you do after launching the server is type that into the console, unless you use the 'B' menu (which I haven't seen yet).

+1 vote     reply to comment
anonsoldier Jul 7 2011 says:

I have a problem where I start the pezbot mod normally but if i select a gametype other than free for all and use the "/devmap" command the game starts with "free for all" anyway. Commands such as g_gametype don't work either. Any suggestions? How do i start a "War" game with bots using the /devmap command?

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LucaP1000 Sep 18 2011 says:

You have to fix a very weird bug. Is not really a problem, but sometimes it happens: there's an enemy behind some place, and another bot sees him too early (like a kind of aimbot) and starts shooting at the wall and goes on and then it shoots the real enemy. For example, it happened once to me a bot started shooting at a rock, then he just blew himself up with the rocket launcher.

+1 vote     reply to comment
dakado Sep 28 2011 says:

I have big problem! My bots dont shoot, they only use knife, i have version 1.7 and bot inteligence is set to 1.0! Can you help me ?

+1 vote     reply to comment
babsy110 Oct 6 2011 says:

hey im having an issue with bots on knee deep, ive got 17 bots on and whenever bots spawn on a certain side of the map i think its C flag side they all cant move and i get incredible lag? its a really strange bug and it only occurs on this one map

+2 votes     reply to comment
vozmonsoon Jul 23 2013 replied:

This happens to me as well. Normally I only add 9 other bots to the game, and everything's cool. But sometimes I go ahead and add 19 cause I want something more 'war'-like. Then after two map changes only five other bots on my team will spawn at the beginning of the round and they will all walk in the same direction but they won't move. No enemy bots will spawn, only those five. I don't feel it's a map issue, but either way I wish it would be fixed. Also it happens on maps like Asylum etc, I've never tried Knee-Deep.
PS. It should be noted that if the gametype options have been set to give a limited number of lives (eg. S&D has 1 life per player) then after some time bots will bug up and not spawn at all, while still being in the player/teams list (tab).

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Stefano98 Oct 9 2011 says:

Hey Guys! i got a huge problem here. I did whatever the Readme said
but when i startup the game,theres nothing in the mods list :( HELP

+1 vote     reply to comment
johnendocruz Dec 25 2011 says:

Hi, can you help me? I want to know how to play pezbot in ripped version of call of duty world at war

+1 vote     reply to comment
ironmaiden456 Jan 6 2012 says:

I did what you said to do but the mod doesn't show up. And I don't know what to do please help!!!

+1 vote     reply to comment
Thubs Feb 22 2012 says:

hey having a problem with pezbots.I cnt start a server cause when i do the game crashes and a error comes up that says: unhandeled exception caught.....any form of assistance will be appreciated thanx.

+1 vote     reply to comment
vozmonsoon Jul 23 2013 replied:

The "Unhandled Exception Caught" error is getting alot of people. It's related to issues with the game rather than with the mod. Google the error and you'll get all sorts of solutions. I did 'Control Panel > Sound > Playback > Speakers-Properties > Advanced' and turned the format to "24bit, 48000 Hz (Studio Quality)" although how that resolves the issue I fail to see. What fixed it was I went into the HDD game files \zone\english\ and replaced every .ff file with the ones from the CD (setup\data\zone\english\ on the disc). This got rid of the 'UHE' problem, but unfortunately I had to reinstall all the patches. After doing that I reinstalled the mod. Hope that helps for anyone with the problem.

+1 vote     reply to comment
Cheppo Mar 11 2012 says:

I got it to work!
Create the shortcut and add line as in readme file. But dont place the Mp_pezbots folder in local mods. Instead place it in installation folder D:\Games\Call of Duty - World at War\CoDWaW\Mods\mp_PeZBOTWAW
There should be a players folder called $$$ in \CoDWaW folder, this is your offline player. Dont delete it. saves your rank

+1 vote     reply to comment
mynameisNOOB Apr 20 2012 says:

Mind asking, what version are you guys played on to get this mod working?. Cause i can't seem to make it work and i have followed the instructions carefully. Need help...

+1 vote     reply to comment
yakuzaBoss Aug 25 2014 replied:

PezBOT 005p works only with patch 1.7

+1 vote     reply to comment
player_493 Jul 10 2012 says:

I've installed everything correctly(to my understanding), yet every time I try to create the server the map loads, and after it gives me a server script compile error

+1 vote     reply to comment
player_493 Jul 11 2012 replied:

never mind, Found the problem, fixed it(in my case anyway), tried it and it's awesome, great mod

+1 vote     reply to comment
Max_Payne_3 Dec 20 2012 replied:

How did you fix it? :D

+1 vote     reply to comment
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