Your name is Pewdiepie. You wake up in a mysterious room you've never seen before, and you discover a shocking secret. You must make your way through the creepy castle, rescue your best friend, and destroy your ultimate enemy. Can you do it?

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Funny Custom Story!! It's really well made and if you're a "Bro" you'll appriciate it a lot ^^ **** you Barrels!

This is a awesomer game!

i love pewdiepie stay awesome bro!

Wery good story. For bros;)

You guys are being way to harsh. so what if it was about Pewdiepie he has a right to make whatever he wants and i personally enjoy to play Pewdiepie maps. But there were a lot of bugs like the bed in the cell for instance. And the hole where the chest was and you could barely get out and it took me forever to find the calamine and cuprite but a very decent map and I'm sure your next will be a lot better.

Probably the most disappointing Amnesia mod I've heard of. When I saw these bros saying that this was really good story, I almost got hopes that this might have actually been good mod. But this turned out to be just yet another unplayable experience in ModDB.

Dude what can i say? i am a fan of pewdiepie and i was just about to give you a 5-6 rating for this until i played up to the prison cell and tried to drag a bed which proceeded to flip the **** out so much the game crashed my 16Gb RAM, hex-core processor, double Nvidea graphics cards running SLI gaming rig. You get a 2 as i was convinced to play this to the end until an unfortunate mid-glitch auto-save blocked my progress.

Pewdiepie rocks. This doesn't rock. IT SUCKS! I'd rather be forced to play amnesia at the Manson family's house than play this garbage. :/

i loved everything

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