In this custom story you will play as Pewdiepie. Stephano wants you to reach his dad (Huge Stephano) This is my first custom story ;]

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I would honestly rate this -10/10 if it was possible. I dont want to sound rude, but what you uploaded for us to play is nothing but lame crap! I can create your story in 15 minutes...

It's lame, no story, nothing makes any sense and it's one huge fu* joke!

1/10 - Pointless

No... 1/10 - Troll

I DEEPLY hope you made this as a joke. I have no hope for you otherwise.

This post has not given any offense.
You removed my comment ended up into a fair score.

1. It's pewdie fanmade in hopes he will play it. but not made for us.
1.1. Pewdiepie also stopped playing amnesia because of this.
people are starting hate pewdiepie of this. focusing only on pewdiepie stories. And not the people around you.

2. No story.
3. Major glitches.
4. incomplated level design.
5. No clues where to go or anything!
6. Over placed monsters, nearly on each room has a monster in it.
7. The game may crash sometimes. Reason: Unknown. ( trying to find out )

!. This story is obviously made by and young child, and ended up into bad made custom story, dont be a afraid for asking for help. seriously it's major waste of time.

I don't blame you for being like, removing comments.
But you cannot avoid something like this.
And cannot removing negative comments for ever


Just ....
if i could give this a - i would!

Insane badly maps
Inasne bad gameplay
Insane bad glitches
Insane bad monsterplacements
Insane bad EVERYTHING, really e v e r y t h i n g !!!!!!

I go ask if they could remove this map, this is a shame to ATDD

well it was funny , hard but funny , and i don't know why the people hate it too much !!!
they probably don't like trolls ... !

Go to hell!


good but to fix issue's


This mod sucks!


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really awesome, nice mapping and everything, 10/10! nice job!!!


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