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Petrograd: an action-thriller first person shooter. Enter the shoes of a Black-Ops Special Agent, investigating the disappearance of a full city's population overnight. An eerie atmosphere and immersive environments are just the beginning, nothing is quite what it seems in this suspenseful experience set in post-USSR Eastern Europe. The purpose of this project was to create a trailer with near triple-A quality, that goal was achieved on Feb 2009, and thus this project has concluded. The studio has since turned pro and continues to produce commercial games. Thanks for you support.

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A brief look at environment design using the CryEngine Sandbox editor.

Posted by ben72227 on Sep 19th, 2008
Intermediate Level Design/Theory.

Hey everybody I've gotten some questions regarding level design and working with CryEngine. I am the lead level designer for the Petrograd mod, so I thought I would post this to let everybody see some of the work I do for the Petrograd mod.

For this first post, I'm going to talk about how I design environments - for this example I will do a quick and simple design of a city street.

First I start off by painting the textures - my vision for this street is a small boulevard with a landscaped median in the middle of it. So I'm going to paint textures for the street and the median.

Next I want to add some brushes to the environment - so I'll add some apartment buildings, a sidewalk and curb, some utility boxes and a small bus stop.

Now I want to add a few entities (which are objects with physics properties and such) - so I place them into the environment. I add some light poles and some phone booths.

So now we have a pretty decent environment, a few good brushes anyway. But it looks pretty barren. So, what am I to do? I know - I'll add some vegetation. First, I put a few big trees in.

Looks better - but it could still use some more detail I think - so I add a few small shrubs to round it out.

Ok - so now I have the vegetation out of the way. Looking at my progress so far - it looks good, but I still have work to do. At this point, I start to focus on the small details. A very easy way to add detail to environments is by using decals. So I put some decals on the street to make it look more like a street. Some patches to the pavement, a manhole, and a storm drain.

I put some street lights in earlier - but I felt that they were missing something - so I add some powerlines to connect them.

And with that - I'm done with the building of my simple street environment. Here is a screenshot of my progress so far:

It looks fairly decent...but I decide that I want to have this particular environment be part of a night-time level. So I change the time of day settings to night-time.

Only problem is - there aren't any lights lol! So I add some lights.

And with that, I'm basically done with this simple environment. Now I need to export this to the engine so that it will be playable in-game. I always like to see how things look in different modes - so I render the environment in wireframe mode and sketch mode before I export to the engine.

Everything looks good to me - so I go ahead and export to the engine. The final render looks like this:

And so there you have it. Well, this is the end of my first post. I've never done a blog like this before so I'm eager to see how you guys respond. If the response is positive I will probably do another post in the future. I hope you enjoy and learn something from this!

-Benjamin Thatcher (ben72227)

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RogerRamjet Sep 19 2008 says:

I think you have done a pretty good job at it, would suggest having a link to the full size image so we can see what you are doing and see the greater detail.. but other than that, a nice straight forward, clear tutorial... The Cry2 Engine certainly makes things a lot simpler than other editors and gives a beautiful result (in the right hands that is.)

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Bobes Sep 19 2008 replied:

Nice!Really good :D

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ben72227 Author
ben72227 Sep 19 2008 replied:

CaptainSource, I added links to the full-sized images.

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Arkanj3l Dec 15 2008 replied:

It's simpler... with practice.

Although the workflow is devilishly simple the toolset isn't very intuitive. Try adding a layer, for example.

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Silverfisk Sep 19 2008 says:

I might have to buy Crysis, it has an awesome level editor.

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stonecold23 Sep 19 2008 says:

only downside i see to this map editor... from this tutorial anyway.. is that it looks like i need to learn how to create moddels of my own before i can input my own content into the game?

great tutorial. may have to get the editor.

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ben72227 Author
ben72227 Sep 19 2008 replied:

stonecold23 - not necessarily. There are a lot of building pieces within the Crysis asset files - for example, the bus stop was built completely out of Crysis assets. The only custom models I used in this scene were the apartment buildings.

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hushpuppy Sep 19 2008 says:

Awsome stuff :D looks cewl

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DeadlyContagion Sep 19 2008 says:

I can see why this workflow makes interiors difficult on this engine.

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ben72227 Author
ben72227 Sep 19 2008 replied:

Interiors aren't necessarily that difficult - they are just done a bit differently that outdoor environments. With interiors you have to worry more about lighting and vis-areas (which are used to define indoor areas that have their own ambient color; vis-areas prevent the outside light from affecting 'indoor' environments)

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Armageddon104 Sep 19 2008 says:


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xilef24 Sep 20 2008 says:

very nice done man!
but does someone know why the editor won´t open on my pc
(downloaded sandbox with the demo but doesn´t work at all)

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chris_sloany Oct 15 2008 says:

awesome dude! can u plz post one next time on how to get custom songs on to crysis i dont know how to make my mp2 into mp3's

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shadow_696AD Oct 20 2008 says:

could you make a video tutorial
I thing is a better way to learn abou LEVEL DESIGN

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Amosinn Dec 9 2008 says:

That actually looks a lot like a russian city. I went to Leningrad and it looked exactly like that LOL

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Duck_Of_War Oct 18 2009 says:

Nice work...

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GARYOSAVAN Dec 3 2011 says:

All Photos Dead!

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