All drops are perfect. All items made are perfect. This includes cube recipes, runewords, crafted items, etc. Drop rates are significantly increased as well as experience rates. Comes with an easy installer & expanded cube, inventory and stash sizes. View the update log for more information

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merb says

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You can't make the uber portal, even with the keys, which sucks. Also, you can't sell a soj to get diablo clone for anni (not sure if that is possible in regular games because I would never sell a soj to risk it :P)

Overall this mod just turns diablo 2 into a game of trying to beat a1-5 in norm, nm, and hell as fast as possible. Then, once you are done you just try to make elite gear. The elite gear doesn't matter because you own everyone anyway and it is impossible to do the cows in normal mode. I have a ton of charms and max gear and do 90k lightning damage on a sorc but that doesn't matter because it does zero damage to them. The only way to kill them is with static shock. Even with infinity it doesn't help (giving me -200% to enemy resist).

The mod is frustrating because you want moonstones so you spend about 50% of your time just messing with your cube instead of actually playing the game.

Suggestion1: Stop having so many uniques drop, instead, have the fragments drop (tier 1-3). No one wants crappy uniques anyway. Hell, I don't even use a single unique that I found. It is much easier to make your gear using moonstones. Sure, it takes away from the game, but this mod pretty much takes away from the vanilla experience.

Suggestion2: fix the cube recipes please.

Suggestion3: dont require something to go into the cube to turn a unique into a fragment. Without being able to shift click things in and out of the cube, it becomes frustrating and takes away from the experience. There is no reason for those pieces anyway.

Suggestion4: makes runes have no cost. Make selling cost of everything 200k or something. Gold has no value anymore. Anyone knows to just get 5 Gheeds and you can have infinite money. It would be nice if I didn't have to go through the trouble of messing with money at all.

Suggestion5: Make it so things stack. If I make an ethereal item and then change it to normal or something, I want it to stay ethereal. This goes for adding sockets as well. I'm not sure which combos don't work, but I know I ran into the issue a few times where it mattered the order that I did things.

Suggestion6: There is no Tyrael's item in this game mode. That stinks. That probably isn't your fault though, but if it is, add it?

Suggestion7: Stop having uniques drop that don't have all the qualities that they should. Why would you have things like vmagi drop without the skill? Makes no sense. It literally just forces the person to go to town and buy a few town portals to get it to have the +1 skill. It is inconvenient.

Suggestion8: Remove the unlimited cap on the tombs and keys. No one needs 300 town portals or 300 scrolls or 300 keys. Shift plus right clicking to buy those in the early game can suck because you waste all of you cash on it.

Suggestion9: Have every item become identified once you pick it up. It will save on clutter on the ground and you won't have to worry about identifying things later.

Suggestion10: This goes alone with 9. Using scrolls of tp and ID to change qualities of items sucks. If someone picks them up they go into the tomb so it turns into you dropping your tomb, picking up scroll, picking up tomb again. Remove the whole process with suggestion 9 and -> remove the tomb of town portal. Just make it an ability like teleport is on the starting charm. That would help a ton.

I believe that if you changed all of these things it would allow people to focus on the aspects of diablo2 that they like the most without wasting their time clicking doing meaningless crap that they don't want to do. Overall this mod just turns diablo 2 in hack mode so it is fun for a few hours, but probably more frustrating than anything. It was a lot of fun while I tried it out for a few days. Thanks for making it :D

Pretty funny mod, gives you a nostalgic experience for one or two days, while you are grinding your truly perfect char :) But after that, it's pretty boring. The Uber cow level is too simple, tons of HP, tons of res, tons of def, one hits you, though its doable without hero editor. I peaked with my legit lightning sorc @ 235k lightning (246.5k with best possible orb) and -95 enemy light res (without merc conviction) and was able to kill those silly cows.

PS: I somehow agree and not with merb, gold is useless, grinding moonstones / rolling gosu rares is a bit painful, but you have to do something by yourself so its okey. If you dont want to farm, just use hero editor.

Excellent mod. Works easy and makes the game much more casual and fun to play solo. Works through TCP/IP with other people with mod also. Great cube recipes and level progress. very pleased with the mod. :D

Suited if you want to play the game as a SinglePlayer game where trading is not possible. The removal of imunities (i think 99 resistance?) makes it also better possible to be played solo without a cooky cutter build. I play as Poison Dagger necro.

Generally I only recommend it to people who just want short fun to relive the old days, but do not want to spend as much time with multiple characters. Because you find everything perfect and alot of uniques there, is not so much point to play more than through. You still won't get the unique you want because it's still random (haha still not have my preferred dagger) and that makes it still playable and exciting while it's also kind of balanced, so it's still an adventure for a one-time-playthrough. Rare uniques are still sparce.

tldr; if you plan on playing several characters this mod will be boring, if you enjoy playing through once with a build of choice it can be a good adventure!

I think 7 points reflects my positive experience while still keeping a few bugs and the low variation of the game in mind. Making all runes purchaseable for free is also a bit too simple. (The rating should reflect interest in the mod, if you are a strict enemy of "easy mods" that doesn't make the mod bad and shouldn't be rated, it's just not a mod for you, just like I do not vote on mods/games that I wouldn't touch.)

ps: It's also a bit buggy, do not use 1.13d as it crashes on Akara and Co. edit: i gave +2 for the 1 rating without reasoning.

this is fun for those who are not new but still new

It's a great mod!
It has it's flaws though..
The game is made a bit too simple while u can find really strong equipment within the first hour. WIth that the drop rate is so insane that it really becomes a walk in the park all the way trough to hell. But not beyond! I don't know what im doing wrong but it's virtually and literally impossible to beat the cow level.. As insanely overpowered you become during and through the campaign you get instantly slain in the cow level. Maybe its ment just for multiplayer or something but its undoable for a Barb level 90 with the best equipment one could get. Nevertheless, I enjoyed the heck out of this mod due to the insane drops but also with the cube recipes it all became a bit to easy.
8/10 awesome

its a good mode but the spawn could be massive in all game, the difficult could be incrased.. 1 to 10... 8 ^^

Very cool mod. I love it! It has just about everything I've wanted in a mod.


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