D2x 1.13d compatible!

All drops are perfect. All items made are perfect. This includes cube recipes, runewords, crafted items, etc. Drop rates are significantly increased as well as experience rates. Comes with an easy installer & expanded cube, inventory and stash sizes.

-1.07 / 1.08 Unique Item Drops!
-No more useless gold drops from monsters! -> Less screen clutter! Great for drop mods!
~Enhanced Drop Rates
~Enhanced experience gain!
~EXPANDED Stash, Inventory, and Cube sizes!
~Many NEW cube recipes to make your own items (original items, of course) and given the option to make them socketed, ethereal, or upgraded.
~New items for advanced cube recipes. they drop from all monsters and even chests.
~All items are perfect. All armors drop with perfect defense. All runewords, uniques, rares, and magic items come with perfect stats.
~Runes have a far greater drop rate and appear mostly from Chests alongside with Gems. Runes can easily be upgraded or bought from some NPCs if finding them deems too difficult
~Monster spawns are reorganized for Act 5
~Some monster stats have been changed
-ALL monster resistances were reduced so Sorceresses and Druids have a chance in Hell difficulties.
~Teleport works in towns & has reduced mana cost
-Uber Cow Challenge - Normal difficulty only. Nightmare and Hell Cows are like normal but give better loot and experience.
~+ Much more!

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PDM 1.07 PDM 1.07 PDM 1.07
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4 comments by Sheer_Cold on Dec 16th, 2010


-A few non-working cube recipes fixed. Should now work properly as described in the included Cube Recipes.html file. Cube Recipes are now FULLY functional!
-Included .JPG images of EACH cube recipe for more clear understanding for new players!!

-Adjusted drop rates greatly & removed most Gold out of the formulas
-Completely rebalanced and reworked item grade drops
-Quality of Fragments achieved through transmuting with Obsidian Shards has been improved
-Removed level requirements for all Runes and Gems
-Reduced Mana Cost of Teleport to 1
-Piercing attributes on item now display the % chance
-Converted all Enchanted Obsidians to Obsidian Shards.
-Revamped existing Fragments and Moonstones including new/improved item graphics.
-3x Fragment Grade 2 into Cube now creates a single Fragment Grade 3.
-You must now have 3x Fragment Grade 3 to upgrade to a Moonstone.
-Removed superfluous cube recipe:
-6x Fragments -> 2x Fragment Grade 2
-Modified cube recipe(s):
-Any socketed item + Moonstone + 2 Keys -> Unsockets item & Keeps gem(s)
-Above recipe changed to:
-Any socketed item + Moonstone + Any Skull -> Unsockets item & Keeps gem(s)
-Adjusted max buy values (50k - 100k increased to 100k - 200k)

New Additions:
-D2 ALL 1.07 and 1.08 Unique items added!!
-Drops will be the same as others and can be made in the cube like other uniques.

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Sheer Cold v8

Sheer Cold v8

Dec 23, 2013 Prefabs 3 comments

A different mod of the author; over 100 new uniques, new set item (hopin to have more), 41 new runes added, 3 new runewords, no more use of town portals...

Perfect Drop Mod 1.07 for 1.13d

Perfect Drop Mod 1.07 for 1.13d

Jun 29, 2013 Full Version 20 comments

Includes VARIOUS fixes and additions! See description for more info!

Perfect Drop Mod 1.06b for Diablo 2 1.13c

Perfect Drop Mod 1.06b for Diablo 2 1.13c

Oct 28, 2011 Full Version 6 comments

MD5 Hash: 9a6797e15f8793184bd3e7f32b19cc11 This was pretty much in my stockpile of unreleased versions. I believe this one has fixes to all the presently...

Perfect Drop Mod 1.06

Perfect Drop Mod 1.06

May 17, 2011 Full Version 8 comments

Many changes making the newer items more useful - presenting new cube recipes and tweaked drop rates giving the mod a more unique and addicting feel.

PDM 1.05

PDM 1.05

Mar 1, 2011 Full Version 2 comments

Fixes some minor problems. This update adds 2 new items for creating Moonstones (Previously known as Standard of Heroes in PDM 1.04). The two new items...

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Richardf269 Feb 24 2011, 12:50am says:

I'm not seeing any "PDM Gamma" on either websites. You sure you uploaded anything new? Or are you meaning in your next release?

+1 vote     reply to comment
Sheer_Cold Creator
Sheer_Cold Feb 24 2011, 10:43pm replied:


It should be up on here, but just in case it's not working for you, there it is.

+1 vote   reply to comment
Sheer_Cold Creator
Sheer_Cold Feb 24 2011, 2:07am replied:

I reuploaded the file on here. Just redownload it. Delete your Data folder and PlugY folder from your Diablo II directory before extracting.
Although, it might have to be re-authorized before you're able to see it. So you may have to wait a few more hours

+1 vote   reply to comment
Richardf269 Feb 24 2011, 2:48am replied:

Oh, alright then. I'll grab it in the morning when I wake up. Goodnight!

+1 vote     reply to comment
Sheer_Cold Creator
Sheer_Cold Feb 23 2011, 11:33pm says:

Okay, found the solution to the problem with socketing. You'll need to redownload PDM Gamma, sorry, lol.
Anyways, the text isn't an error. It works fine, I suggest overwriting everything (?).
I wouldn't recommend any maphacks. Most of them nowadays are viruses. Seeing as the Diablo community is at a downfall, not many people are making maphacks. Although, I'd check out D2MapReveal. I haven't tested it though. I remember using C3PO, Easymap, Sting's Maphack and Mousepad's Maphack but I'm pretty sure those are all gone or obsolete =/
Good luck though

Edit: File updated, socketing should work now :)

+1 vote   reply to comment
Richardf269 Feb 24 2011, 12:26am replied:

Which file did you update? The one you posted the other day? If so, I'll download that one right now. Thanks for fixing that.

+1 vote     reply to comment
Richardf269 Feb 23 2011, 2:30pm says:

-any weapon or armor + Standard of Heroes -> random number of sockets added to that item (can be + (plus) or - (minus))

I've tried this cube recipe with numerous items, this one isn't working! It does not add/take away sockets! I've tried it with Uniques, Rares, and just plain White items. This doesn't work. It says "any" item, and it's supposed to add sockets, but this recipe does not work. I don't know if you checked this one or not, but it's not working for me. I even uninstalled your mod and reinstalled it. It still didn't work. You'll want to check this before releasing the new update.

Oh yeah, I keep forgetting to add this, but you didn't change the mod version in the main menu. It still says Delta 3. lol.

+1 vote     reply to comment
Richardf269 Feb 21 2011, 1:21pm says:

Awesome! I just checked the Changelog in the new version. It sounds super kickass. Thanks for updating it so quickly! I'll play the new version and let you know what I think.

By the way, I need to mention this: When I try to get the normal unique of the Crystal Sword, it doesn't work for some reason. I'm not sure if the "Executioner Sword" is considered a "normal" item instead of en Exceptional, but when I try to get the Executioner Sword into a Unique (SwordGuard), that one won't change into a unique either. Just thought I'd let you know.

+1 vote     reply to comment
Richardf269 Feb 21 2011, 1:56pm replied:

I forgot to give some other thoughts, but rare charms would be pretty cool, too. I haven't found any of those yet.

I'm not sure if you changed this cube recipe since then, but the "Thawing Potion" and "Stamina Potion" recipe doesn't work. I've tried putting armor and weapons into the cube to make them "Superior". but it wouldn't do anything.

I also just tested out the new version. It's pretty cool. Thanks! And don't worry about the Mercs using boots, etc, I'm not going to demand you do it if you don't have the time to, but I guess you could call it a "future idea" when you have the time.

I'll give more ideas when I can get some more. Thanks! I'll check back here often.
I'm also not sure if the "Great Axe" is considered a normal item, but the Great Axe won't turn into a Unique item either.

+1 vote     reply to comment
Richardf269 Feb 21 2011, 4:50pm replied:

I also just tried the SoH + Wep/Armor in cube, I dunno if it works on Uniques, or just regular items, but this recipe wouldn't work either. I tried putting a Unique Great Maul + SoH into cube, and it doesn't do anything, even though the recipe in the readme says "any weapon/armor". I also tried it with the SwordGuard Unique sword, and it also didn't work.

+1 vote     reply to comment
Sheer_Cold Creator
Sheer_Cold Feb 22 2011, 12:29am replied:

I'll check out the cube recipes and I'll add the update if I find anything ASAP.
Executioner Swords are exceptional, Great Axes are normal.
Any normal item + TP Scroll -> Unique version of normal item
Anything else will need to have a SoH.
The Uber Cow Portal Challenge is still a beta (tested slightly), so expect dramatic changes to be made to the Hell Bovines.

+1 vote   reply to comment
Sheer_Cold Creator
Sheer_Cold Feb 22 2011, 12:35am replied:

Okay, seems like all the cube recipes are working. Quick tested pretty much all of them, they seem to be working.
Also, I'd like to point out a cube recipe:

Any item + 2 Standard of Heroes -> 1 extra copy of that item.

Btw, Rare items will be implemented in the next update.

Enjoy! ^^

+1 vote   reply to comment
Sheer_Cold Creator
Sheer_Cold Feb 22 2011, 12:50am replied:

Not items... Sorry

Edit: Forgot to mention. The Crystal Sword doesn't have a unique version anymore. Blizzard disabled it. I'll re-enable it in the next update as well.

+1 vote   reply to comment
Richardf269 Feb 22 2011, 1:31am replied:

Alright, cool. Thanks.

I got all the way up to level 59, and somehow my character editor screws up my 1.13 characters. Not really sure why this is. I'm using Hero Editor 1.03. Luckily I have a back-up of him at level 45, but for whatever reason, the editor's screwin' up my chars.

I got all the way up to Act4 in Nightmare, but those Knights in the Sanctuary are a little too much. I can't kill the little peckerheads fast enough, or they bring my life down pretty quick in Nightmare, even though I use Shout, Command and that other one to bring up my HP/Mana/Defense. There's a truck-ton of them in Act4 in the Sanctuary, it's a little too much since they're immune to Physical (and in some cases Magical), so they take quite a long time to kill, even though I was using SwordGuard 2-handed.

I was having fun with this mod all day until I got into the Sanctuary in Act4 in Nightmare and before my char was screwed up by my editor. I'll be playing from my earlier back-up (which as I said, is at level 45 instead of 59).

So far I'm really liking the mod.

I'm not sure if you can change the ID Tomes/TP Tomes in the shops, but since you changed the max to 500 to both, maybe you could make the random # in the shop higher from 1-4 to 4-10 or something similar. Or maybe even make the highest at 20.

As for the Great-Axe, I don't know why the cube wouldn't turn it into a Unique if it's a normal item. But oh well, I've got a big stash of items now.

And the Barbs can't use any Melee weapon. I tested that. They only take swords. Might want to check that.

Have a good night.

+1 vote     reply to comment
Sheer_Cold Creator
Sheer_Cold Feb 22 2011, 11:38pm replied:

Checked that. None of the hireds seemed to have changed. Hero editors does the same with my characters, I've tested that awhile ago and I'm not sure what the problem is. Something with the hex code I'm guessing. What kind of error do you get? I get it where the game crashes, forgot what the returned error was though.
Anyways, in the sanctuary, ignore the physical immunes for the time being. When you get to Lord De Seis, I suggest using an Act 3 mercenary to kill him. And break that seal last. I'll do something to balance Barbs out more vs Oblivion Knights though. I'm trying hard not to do any changes with skills to keep it as unchanged as possible with skills and item names, etc.
However, expect a teleport charm and a recipe for it :D

+1 vote   reply to comment
Richardf269 Feb 23 2011, 12:58am replied:


The error I get after editing my chars is "Bad Game Data" or some such. I'm not messin' around with the game editor anymore.

Did you change the recipe for "any weapon/armor + SoH = Random Sockets"? Or is that for certain items only that aren't Rares/Uniques?

I'd say the Skill Tree is pretty good, it's just the Physical/Magic immune guys are a pain in the butt. I usually am able to kill the Physical Immunes with Beserk skill with 1 or 2 hits each. I'll try out the Act3 mercs. I've been using an Act2 guy (he's the same level as me), and I gave him a really good Etheral Lance that does 800dmg on the Max. So he does roughly 1700+ damage or more. I'll have to find a good item for the Act3 guy. Thanks for the suggestion.

I also have been able to get my level up (and passed) level59. He's level 62 now. Yay! Trying to get him to level 65 right now so I can use a better Maul. I took the original Unique Great Maul, and turned it into an Exceptional item, and I'm currently using that. I'm going to make it an Elite item next after I hit level 65. I just love your mod. :3

By the way, I'm looking for a Maphack that'll work with 1.13c and mods. But I'm going to assume there aren't any. If you find me a MH that works with mods, I'm wanting it. I don't play D2 on Bnet because those stupid item spambots annoy the crap out of me, and Blizzard does absolutely nothing about them. I have a feeling they'll put those bots in D3 when it comes out, too.

If I don't see you respond tonight (I'll check regularly), I wish you a good, non-stressful night.

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