Perfect Dark ... This game had an incredible success, but you already know that. This game would deserve one minute of silence, in order to let us remember all the good moments spent in its company. We're trying to recreate all what we loved with using all the power we need provided by the Source Engine. We all dream to make revive this game, with physics and graphics up to date, with keyboard and mouse, with all the weapons and game mod we loved. An incrediblibly old-school gameplay meeting the next-generation requierements! Questions?

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Mar 17th, 2011

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Jan 14th, 2011

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Jun 22nd, 2010

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May 5th, 2010

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Jan 19th, 2010

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Nov 21st, 2009

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8 Silverfisk

Apr 5th, 2009

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Mar 26th, 2009

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8 casualties1000

May 18th, 2008

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Apr 23rd, 2008

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