-- Pegaso Chronicles requires RESURRECTION OF EVIL to work!

Sometimes... instead of shooting, you need to run away!

10 YEARS AGO - 2034
Pegaso Bhaqkat was a young Gato ( 15 Years old ), one the last ones of the rich Bhaqkat family. His father always tried to convince him to marry Kaliah Wright, but, Pegaso, always refused the idea. Bored of his life, he left the planet Earth to become a bounty hunter. He started to hunt bounties in the Milkyway galaxy, travelling planet to planet to hunt them and getting the rewards from the Milkyway Bounties, an office where all the bounties of the Milkyway galaxy are listed and where anyone can get a reward after killing or capturing them.
TODAY - 2044
Pegaso Bhaqkat is now 25 and he eventually becomed an experienced ( but not too much ) bounty hunter. He accepted to hunt a guy called Thomas Fox Breen, a Vulpinian, that is probably hiding on the planet Earth. So, he decided to go back to his native planet... hoping for himself to be not recognized by his father. When he was not too far the from planet, he received a message from the old Zeus Corporation base. It was a call for help. In the hours before he reached the Earth, he had a weird and realistic nightmare. In the meantime, the planet was occupied by sentient and intelligent creatures and alien fauna from a parallel world, where the Earth is under the dictature of those creatures.

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doomtrinity - Shotgun Mod ( modified shotgun model and animations )
Venin.with.in - Knife model
TheMatrixer - Textures

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