Peeter mod v.x begin with made this mod(this mod need working yet!!!) nov 2009 until now(today). In this mod is over 30 sides(with special versions sides) and over 2000 buildings, over 2000 infantries, over 500 units, and so on.. But this mod have got at the moment some bugs what need fixes

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kenosisM says

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a great many of pointless units,very great lag and blinding graphics,Internal Error occurs just too often.
The AI cannot use most of the new countries.If AI uses his new countries you get an internal error and kicked out.Or even when you are using the new ones you have to disable short game or you will lose just as the game begins.What I saw in the ini is totally a mess.Like someone that just started modding RA2 will do.A power plant that provide 10000 power,a weapon with 5000 damage,and he call this "High-tech".His units are so epic that my fps drops lower than 10 and even worse.
The worst thing,his mod contains edited RA2md.mix.After installing this **** your YR will be messed up too.
Hey you guys giving 10,play it first!The few pictures are nothing!


Wow, just wow. Graphics are terrible. Game play is virtually non-existent given all the IE's that occur and the units are horribly unbalanced. To say the least, this mod is special. But not in a "My Son just won gold at the Olympics and graduated from Oxford special", special in the sense of "I'm so sorry my Son ate your door mat, he's a bit special."

what the ****.


Crayola and Conquer.... all that needs to be said. No seriously... looks like Crayola Universe. Please avoid at all cost. Why? Why did you do this? Also The video should be enough.


Too ugly.


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