Aniu: Rise and Shine, Balto.... Rise and Shine. A new erra has dawned. The world is under threat again... We have enemies, new and old, They use one old enemy as their weapon.... Things have changed.... , people who wish only to lead complete lives are heartlessly executed by those that wish to hold the world in their grasp.... So wake up, Balto... wake up for there are those who dare to use nature against us.

I am happy to announce that the first 'wake up' level is coming along nicely and looks great. pictures!!!!
wake up room. Creepy surgical table in a well-lit operating room.

More new work from our new mapper is forthcoming!!!!!!!!

Hallway (Will be replaced soon!!)

Lab (Will also be replaced soon!!!)

This is the Balto mod for Half-Life 2! For those of you who have never heard of Balto, (
The mod has been being developed by me for the past 3 months. I am beginning to recruit now. I expect the Balto mod to take about another 2/3 of a year due to several bottlenecks like menu music and soldier model replacement. (Why would there be humans in a balto mod) ;)
I am not sure if I will follow the story line (Balto 1 - 3 then post). However if I do it will invole balto being frozen sometime post Balto 3
(fell into a lake)
He is found and thawed 93 years later under the impression that he is dead. (being thawed for historical purposes)
A similar thing happens to steele. He ends up in the hands of terrorists. (much like the dogs of COD4)
I still haven't worked out how Balto ends up in the USMC.

Balto mod will probably be a co-op mod due to the many Balto characters, however I will try to add a single player mode where you choose a character and the rest operate as NPC's

THIS WILL NOT BE ANTHRO However human weapons will be modified for the purpose. Anthro
would be easier but I cant stand it.
There will proobably be a choice between 3rd person and first person in later releases but the first will probably only have first person.
The health system will be very differant from standard health systems. It will be based on blood. You can be hurt without bleeding, but anything down to a .22 will cause bleeding. Bleeding will not stop until a healthkit is found. The rate of bleeding is determined by a standard damage


Balto- Steyr Aug a1 / Desert Eagle
Jenna- M4 / knife / healthkit/.44 Magnum
Aleu- M14/Glock 19c
Kodi- L96 (AWP) Sniper Rifle (yes long sniper missions and bullet physics) / silenced glock 18c (automatic)
Boris- AK-47/ spas 12
Polar bears are undecided ( if included one will propably carry a minigun)

Tina- developed by Godzillawolf, although she does not appear in any of the Balto movies. Weapons are yet undecided, but she will fill my missing submachine gun.

I would like to hear what you think of the weapon choices and hear recommendations if you have any... Mostly for weapons for the bears. I settled on the .44 magnum for Jenna.

I changed boris's rifle to the AK at a recommendation. (boris is russian)

Here are pics of the characters with their assigned weapons (under character)


Steyr AUG and xxx

User Posted Image
User Posted Image
M14 and Glock 19 (automatic)
User Posted Image


Silenced Glock 18c: (automatic) and AWP

User Posted Image
AK-47 and SPAS-12
User Posted Image
User Posted Image

User Posted Image
M4 and .44 magnum
User Posted Image

Possible weapons for the bears:

Large bear: minigun

Small bear:
duel desert eagles (I think we all know what a deagle looks like but...)

.60 caliber elephant gun

Javelin Missile launcher (perhaps with elephant gun as side arm)

Guns will be carried by paw, not by mouth. We WILL have iron sights !!
Guns are only carried in mouth when sprinting

Well I normaly wouldn't update so soon but i am going to add a list of the team to make it more ordered.
BueBlur7 Camopig
Recliamer GodofDarkness
Godzillawolf (baltosource)

join the mod team or be a beta tester please contact me at (animators, modelers, mappers beta testers all very helpful)
This mod is NOT dead and will NOT die. Anyone willing to help get it done faster?
Still need soldier models/animation, beta testers, and mappers. will get done anyway but will get done faster if u help.
Sorry I don't update more often but I haven't had much time to work on the mod lately. I have started work on the menu music. (opening video music done) we got a new mapper and he has been remaking the wake-up level.
Completed all intro and menu music.
working on textures for new models

Hello guys, my name is ben and I'm the most recent addition to the ever-growing Balto mod team. As mapper, my job is to take the story ideas of team and transform them into fun, good-looking gameplay. And so.......without further ado, here's the beginning of my recent map work.

Operating Room Pics
Operating Room Pics Operating Room Pics

This hospital room is similar to one found inside the Elmendorf Air Force Base Hospital, near Anchorage, Alaska. We plan on having the player (Balto) visit various places in Alaska, as well as Europe and the Middle East. I have read about 1/3 of the story so far and it gets pretty intense action-wise. I have planned out much of the first part of the game and there will be much more added to this location as time moves forward. So get ready because it's going to be an awesome adventure.

Unfortunately, our work in other areas (modeling, A.I., etc) has been somewhat slow. We here at the Balto mod are hoping to pick up a few extra members over the next few weeks and expand our work flow to more people. We are diligent and thorough in our work so please dont be intimidated by teh scope of our project. Here's a list of what we could really use right now :)

Modeler (weapons)
Modeler (environment/props)
Modeler (characters (why would you want to play as a human in a Balto mod)
Programmer (creating new weapon scripts, implementing terrorist AI techniques)
Texture Artist (for weapons / props / terrorists)
??? What else can you do that would help out our mod team? Message us!!

We hope you like our Balto mod as much as we do, and do justice to Balto fans everywhere. please join or watch as we get bigger and better than ever!!

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"Takes place 93 years later"
If it's 93 years later, then how are the characters from the movie still alive?
Last time I checked, they didn't have cryogenics in the 1900's.

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cryogenics did exist in the 1990's.

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zonbie Creator

he probably got frozen in a lake or something, like the neanderthal man

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Not Balto, his freinds.
This story makes no freaking sense.

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Like my father once told me:
The fruit doesn't fall far from the pond. If you want something done right forget it. A pound of cheese is good, especially if it's good cheese.

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zonbie Creator

So these two blue jays were sitting on a tree branch.

One blue jay looked at the other one and said, "Chocolate milk."

The other blue jay responded, "What the heck do I look like to you, a radio!?"

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This mod makes no sense or anythingdurrr

Reply Good karma Bad karma+4 votes

...I dont get it. I don't get it at all. *Head explodes*

Reply Good karma Bad karma+4 votes

Thanks for deleting my previous comment, it shows just how mature you are... I hope this mod dies soon enough!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+5 votes


I see you react to disapproval of spam in an extremely mature manner. Reminds me of children who threaten of "Not being your friend anymore"

Reply Good karma Bad karma-6 votes

Lolz your a b**** newt

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

Lol you deleted my comments?
I was giving my opinion on it. Last time I checked I had the right to Freedom of Speech. This Mod doesn't look too good, that's basically what I was saying. Turning a Kids film into a FPS isn't a good idea, if you want to give Humans named after dogs (And a goose) guns then I suggest starting from scratch, and not basing it off something some children idolise.

Chances are you'll delete this too, which will prove how much of a weak person you are. You'll come across bad comments sooner or later, so get used to it, not everything's perfect and this mod definitely isn't perfect. That's just my view, and many other people's view. I suggest you take this as I'm a modder myself, as are a couple of others who commented. It will work if you create your own story, that's it.

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What makes you think I'll delete it? There is a definate distinction between criticism that, well, critiques, and spam that takes up space.

Big differance between what you said now, and what you have said in the past, which was more along the lines of:
"**** Sucks"
Which just takes up space.

Reply Good karma Bad karma-6 votes

Was it really?
Care to quote something from my deleted comments which implies that it sucks. I (Along with many others) was basically saying it wont' work. I can't quote anything because you deleted my comments, only you can see them. And it wasn't spam, trolling or flaming. You really should learn the difference between these different acts because you're going to get it a LOT worse if you think that everybody who comments negatively are 'Spammers'.

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