Peace Mission By LeeShinFox If you want to play this game, there must be a military sense, this is a military network game.

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StalinGrad6 says

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This mod definitely shines above others. But its still incomplete.

The devs made exceptional use of the graphics engine, every model is Unbelievably detailed and beautiful, and almost perfect compared to the real-world counterpart.

Ranges, damage and detail is incredible and actually realistic compared to the base games 'throwing a stone' physics.

Although the mod is incomplete, its quite impressive. The mod focuses on some of the worlds greatest countries, and finest militaries in the world, with most (if not all) of the real world counterparts of vehicles, units and weapons.

However not all is sunshine and daisies. The AI is, exactly as ive come to expect from modders - unnecessarily, ridiculously hard. And exactly as expected, there is no way to lower the difficulty because the AI is not variable. With the new physics and detail, plus the massive number of units available, AND the fact the Worldbuilder can be used, makes up for it. But only just barely.

There is a significant reduction in useable buildings, and the building models are not all finished, but the sheer number and variation of useable units and weapons more than makes up for this. Superweapons have been removed but thats the entire point. The mod COULD however do with some kind of superweapon such as tomahawk missiles, Scud platforms or offshore battleship artillery. But so far its very balanced.

Unfortunately turtling is extremely difficult due to the new physics. The games base defenses were not upgraded along with the other weapons, so they all fall short of what they need to do. However, it seems a few of the generals from the base game were left in, and are still useable but only in Worldbuilder.

It rates a ten, due to the incredible detail and realistic (enough for generals anyway) physics.


amitai says

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You shoud give Israel Iron Dome and trophy and f35A and ballistic missile Jericho


One of the best mods I've ever played.
There are a lot of factions and a lot of units with great textures.

There are a couple of bugs in the coding section.
For example, I played as Germany and I noticed that I can't take down enemy jets with on-ground anti air vehicles.
The AA vehicles are supposed to take down jets, but they don't, they just ignore them (I tried both of the anti-air vehicles).
There are only two ways I can take down enemy jets:
The first is by using the Patriot system, and the second one is by using a jet fighter.

I tried playing with several factions, the problem exists with most of them.

SO MANY FACTIONS(all have their own units)!

1-the textures on buildings need to be done
2- it need more Variety in building design (each country has to get its own design or touch :P )
3- each country has to be more powerful than the others in some aspects. For example, Germany has to be the most powerful in Tanks (since leopard 2 is the strongest tank in the worldetc)...USA has to be the most powerful in Air force ....Israel in special Force....etc
4- The Jets need to be smaller....and the Anti-aircraft need to be more effective


Original models. Great variety of sides to play. Only con is no variety of structure. I like modifying some of the units, Looking forward to the next release.


It Would Be Much Better With some More Improvements also the next patch we're waiting for the Egyptian Army With The New Air force as well Also if you can Fix Al Problem They Seems To Be.. I Mean Easy AL Must Be Easy Not Expert.. Please Try To Fix that the Most Player Really Don't Like It.


I like this mod, it is a lot of technology, intelligence is very strong, thank you for the mod.

This is going out to the designer of this mod... Freaken awesome, best mod I've ever come across!!!! Few ideas for note that would be nice.. more defense structures and maybe option to build walls and howitzer instillation's stuff like that so your base looks like a base ya know :) Most everything else is perfect though great work for sure. It would also be nice for the next patch to fix some units detail like the black hawk; still looks like its not finished yet. Another cool thing is the jsf-35 stealth fighter (my favorite plane) is supposed to take the role of our harriers as well so it would be cool to see it as a mean multi-role fighter (a better ground attack besides just two bombs, great air to air so that's good.. recently I saw one of these planes with a cannon on the bottom of it in a picture kinda like the a-10 vulcan cannon on the front nose). lastly the nations general powers should be a bit more unique, America is fine but some others kinda have the same stuff just using different planes to carry out the payload. These are just some ideas other than that youve done one hell of a job, great work. the Abrams and leopard tanks are badass love em (Abrams do have another round they use, its a canister round, basically a giant shot gun round might be a cool thing to add)! oh and the stealth raptor, and I may be wrong but I thought it was capable of taking out ground targets as well.. in the game its only a air to air. I hope you continue the mod and get the other nations patched in too love the variety of nations to use. Again amazing mod thus far super realistic with weapon range and unit capabilities. ooh and don't alter the AI to make it "easier" like I've seen in other comments you must have a military sense lol the harshness and brutality is realistic in my opinion. SUPERB job, keep it up.. my buddy here says make some grunts have a mk-19 grenade launcher :)

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You shoud give Israel Iron Dome and trophy and f35A and ballistic missile Jericho

Jul 22 2014 by amitai