Peace Mission By LeeShinFox If you want to play this game, there must be a military sense, this is a military network game.

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10 GeneralSadeg

Mar 29th, 2014 3 people agree 0 people don't


StalinGrad6 says
10 StalinGrad6

Feb 7th, 2014 3 people agree 0 people don't
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This mod definitely shines above others. But its still incomplete.

The devs made exceptional use of the graphics engine, every model is Unbelievably detailed and beautiful, and almost perfect compared to the real-world counterpart.

Ranges, damage and detail is incredible and actually realistic compared to the base games 'throwing a stone' physics.

Although the mod is incomplete, its quite impressive. The mod focuses on some of the worlds greatest countries, and finest militaries in the world, with most (if not all) of the real world counterparts of vehicles, units and weapons.

However not all is sunshine and daisies. The AI is, exactly as ive come to expect from modders - unnecessarily, ridiculously hard. And exactly as expected, there is no way to lower the difficulty because the AI is not variable. With the new physics and detail, plus the massive number of units available, AND the fact the Worldbuilder can be used, makes up for it. But only just barely.

There is a significant reduction in useable buildings, and the building models are not all finished, but the sheer number and variation of useable units and weapons more than makes up for this. Superweapons have been removed but thats the entire point. The mod COULD however do with some kind of superweapon such as tomahawk missiles, Scud platforms or offshore battleship artillery. But so far its very balanced.

Unfortunately turtling is extremely difficult due to the new physics. The games base defenses were not upgraded along with the other weapons, so they all fall short of what they need to do. However, it seems a few of the generals from the base game were left in, and are still useable but only in Worldbuilder.

It rates a ten, due to the incredible detail and realistic (enough for generals anyway) physics.

amitai says
10 amitai

Jul 22nd, 2014 2 people agree 0 people don't

You shoud give Israel Iron Dome and trophy and f35A and ballistic missile Jericho

elirev4 says
9 elirev4

Jul 25th, 2014 1 person agrees 0 people don't

One of the best mods I've ever played.
There are a lot of factions and a lot of units with great textures.

There are a couple of bugs in the coding section.
For example, I played as Germany and I noticed that I can't take down enemy jets with on-ground anti air vehicles.
The AA vehicles are supposed to take down jets, but they don't, they just ignore them (I tried both of the anti-air vehicles).
There are only two ways I can take down enemy jets:
The first is by using the Patriot system, and the second one is by using a jet fighter.

I tried playing with several factions, the problem exists with most of them.

cedarsguard says
7 cedarsguard

Jan 11th, 2014 2 people agree 1 person doesn't

1-the textures on buildings need to be done
2- it need more Variety in building design (each country has to get its own design or touch :P )
3- each country has to be more powerful than the others in some aspects. For example, Germany has to be the most powerful in Tanks (since leopard 2 is the strongest tank in the worldetc)...USA has to be the most powerful in Air force ....Israel in special Force....etc
4- The Jets need to be smaller....and the Anti-aircraft need to be more effective

DerKommissar says
10 DerKommissar

Dec 28th, 2013 1 person agrees 0 people don't

SO MANY FACTIONS(all have their own units)!

willychong8921 says
9 willychong8921

Nov 6th, 2014 0 people agree 0 people don't

Peace Mission is a major revamped for the good but already aging C&C General, while it did not introduce radical graphic overhaul. The mod completely change how we play C&C General. Instead of the usual 3 factions, get ready to play authentic nations, equipping with the non fictional tanks and aircraft. Its been a while since somebody create North Korea army, although I'm not a fan of their regime. I like to play their factions since they never featured as a playable factions without being antagonize instantly.

Other wonderful factions included in this mod such as the Indian Army, Iranian Army, Iraqi Army, Japanese Defense Force, PLA etc. Finally, no more just US or NATO vs Russian or Warsaw Pact only factions. Some of these faction, without mods may never see the light of day (thanks to the American **** Yeah mentality from game publisher, but to my dear fellow Americans, you guys are good people).

Despite the game is currently not in its final form, such as missing textures, and weird glitches and bug, is neither game breaking or completely ruin the mod in its current state.

I am glad to see so much effort is done to this mod. And once again bring C&C General classic and good

Termal789 says
9 Termal789

Oct 8th, 2014 0 people agree 0 people don't

Good and Awesome Mod,just like the ROTR Mod For C&C Generals: ZH but this is more units and buildings.Good! Keep it up i sure in next version of the game you make it more awesome,units,buildings,factions and etc. and Thanks for the mod.

FireScorpion says
10 FireScorpion

Aug 10th, 2014 0 people agree 0 people don't

This is one of the best Generals mods i have ever played it just soooo good. i love how my country(Iran) is in it. Thank you so much mod developer. I love how everything is so well put. But this mod does need work.

Crow_X2Z says
10 Crow_X2Z

Aug 6th, 2014 0 people agree 0 people don't

i love what i see. I cant wait for the game to be complete. currently it has its flaws but when its finished i bet it will be a blast.

here are some ideas i THINK would be nice.

Israel should have the Arrow anti Ballistic system the Iron Dome and the trophy system for the Merkava IV. Israel should have a Stronger Air Force too. Germany strongest Tanks etc...

several other countries in this game have anti ballistic systems ( i just dont know nothing about them)

Make the difficulty levels clearer and better.make like 5 levels if you can. Easy,Medium,Hard,Brutal and Extreme. the first 3 levels should be like their Zero hour counterparts IF possible and the extra 2 even harder.

Bring back the S-300, even if its over powered it IS counterable. maybe next time Israel and syria get in a conflict when they have the S-300 you'll see what i mean :P.

Add Ballistic missiles and nukes. No laser **** please.

add cruise missles. add Missles and bombs to aircrafts like you added different ammo to the tanks for example: Multirole fighters should have Napalm bombs (upgraded through strategy center, advanced command center and such) long range missiles. for israel the Python 5 IR missile. add a gatling gun option to all aircrafts for Air to Air combat.

More maps please, 6,8 player maps would be nice.

Give Special weapons to to the strongest Air to Air fighters each faction has. for example russias Su-35 Usa's F-22 and Israels F-15 etc....

i know i sound waaay too Pro israel but i dont know much about other countries and all but im pretty damn sure about israels air force being one of the best if not the best. USA's air force is the biggest but not the best. id like others to give out some ideas for other factions as i basically just gave extras for Israel a ground advantage idea for germany and an extra little somthing to Aerial combat planes.

so please guys bring up some of your ideas for other factions and lets be a bit useful for Lee who's creating a magnificent mod c:

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