This mod will evolve your Max Payne 2 experience to a whole new level, one step closer to its successor Max Payne 3. With new models, weapons, animations, graphic effects, sounds, particles, and so on this mod will improve your good old Max Payne 2 to make it shine again in the next generation gaming.

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I got to say this is a job well done, but there is a problem which almost breaks this mod and its the 3 weapon system and that it doesn't work well, atleast in the singleplayer campaign. I wouldn't have a problem with a 3 weapon system but this one has some problems. First of all you can't replace the revolver in the first slot. Second if you pick up a new gun and replace one then the gun you had first disappeares and thats its biggest problem. Also its hard to pick up specific weapons because Max picks up more stuff up at once and often not the weapon which is shown on the bottom when you stand above it. It happened so many times that picked up the wrong weapon and lost all my ammo i've collected.

But now to the good stuff. I think from the singleplayer campaign the last level is my favorite because of the changes in this mod. I really liked that you add this music at the end, it fits very well, i wish there where more levels where MP3 music was added. Also that piano. lol I think its also very nice that you added those singleplayer mods under the DLC section, that was the first time for me playing these mods and i liked them. I think in the Dead Man Walking modes is where this mod really shines, because i intended to uninstall MP2 after completing the game with this mod, but after playing these Dead Man Walking modes i think i keep it installed and play it when i feel like it and i also think the 3 weapon system makes sense there. Another great thing about it is the upgraded presentation, the new death screens, the takedowns, the last stand, the new random bullettime shots and that Max gives a comment everytime he picks up new painkillers, that is all awesome! But i wish after last stand that i wouldn't loose all my painkillers because i mostly reloaded the game after this anyway which makes this feature not that usefull. Overall i really enjoyed this mod and made it for worth playing MP2 for me again. Thanks a lot for this and your hard work!

This mod is fantastic. Get it now. There are many, many issues, but the good FAR outweighs the bad. Despite this, I will now present my complaints and praises to let you know what to expect.

First, the bad.
This is a nitpick, but Max's jacket clips into his torso and head quite a bit. This can be very distracting, but it isn't gamebreaking no matter how much you suffer from OCD.

Your first one-handed weapon slot is locked to a weak revolver, but this is explained in-lore as it is the issued weapon by the police.

The crosshair often stays during cutscenes, which is, again, a bit of a distraction.

More than once I switched weapons, only to pick up my gun a second time but with no ammunition, and the gun I was trying to retrieve had disappeared.

Laser sights are never aiming where you are, and you can see them off to the side aiming to a completely different area when you are in a scope. Yet another minor distraction.

This one isn't a distraction, but rather a disappointment. The melee animations are horribly rigid. You can see an example of this in the trailer.

Max grunts when jumping, and I didn't recognize either of them from Max Payne 3. One of them sounds autotuned, and is painful to listen to.

Now, the good. There are less listed here than the bad, but they weigh far more on the scale.

The new weapon and character models are orgasmic, being ripped straight from Max Payne 3 in most circumstances.

The new voice clips for when you grab painkillers are a good addition, and really help the Max Payne 3 feeling hit home.

I only experienced this once in the main campaign, but Max has flashbacks that superimpose themselves over the screen. They're very well done, and while they are a new addition and not inspired by MP3, they're an interesting addition.

The new firing sounds are also ripped from Max Payne 3, which means they are meaty and high quality.

Wow, it's amazing!

Nice Max Payne mod so far, most epic of the year. The way that i give 9/10 because Silver is the only people work on this, if it have more moder work on, and fast release. I'll give 10/10

This mod is a triumph among Max Payne 2 mods. The model of Max alone is worthy of praise. I find it amazing that the HUD and weapon selection could be so drastically changed. It is awe inspiring, but it still has a number of bugs that make certain things tedious, like picking up ammo for the gun you are holding, but accidentally also picking up another guns ammo, which then replaces the gun you actually want in the new limited inventory, and you can't get it back.
All in all it is a very beautifully made mod. The new filters don't get in the way of the original ambiance, the bullet hit indicator is a welcome addition, and the lengthened bullet-time during falls was greatly needed.
I love it, yet it's not perfect. But, hey, 9/10 ain't bad.


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