This mod will evolve your Max Payne 2 experience to a whole new level, one step closer to its successor Max Payne 3. With new models, weapons, animations, graphic effects, sounds, particles, and so on this mod will improve your good old Max Payne 2 to make it shine again in the next generation gaming.

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I'm surprised at the things you were able to do with the Original Engine, and how you were able to get a functioning bullet time system and gun handling system like that of Max Payne 3. I like the little things in the mod, like how you can drink bottles of Kong Scotch and have that 'drunk' effect. Also how Max has periodical flashbacks in certain situations. The "Dead man Walking" feels just like Arcade mode in MP3, and that you took bits from other mods you made like Payne Effects 3 and Max Payne Chronicles. Hopefully one day, when Rockstar releases a Max Payne 3 Modding Kit, you will put it to good use. The only problems that I see with the mod is that the Menu and the Comics aren't full screen, but the game-play is, however that may just be a problem w/ my computer. But this Mod was definitely worth the year long wait.

original and loaded with new features, but is not at the level of previous mod (Payne Efects)for my part it is missing improve the pools of blood that appear away from the snowman and would be perfect if it had bullet holes dolls.

Wow! Max Payne 2 is still kicking !

Very close to amazing, it looks great, the whole mod size is bigger than the original game, great animations and textures. The main problem right now is the way weapons work, I don't mind only having 3 weapons total, but if you swap out your weapons you lose those weapons and all the ammo. This is problematic if you pick up something else and realise it doesn't have enough ammo but you can't go back and pick up your old weapon because it's disappeared and you don't have any ammo for it anymore. If it could be entirely fixed that would be great but if even we could just get permanent ammunition pickup that would be better than nothing.

I want vote 10 but I new and i could only vote 8.

I was really excited for Payne Evolution, because I too thought Max Payne 3's gameplay would work well in the noir environment that is Max Payne 2.
The gameplay is as close to Max Payne 3 as it could get. From the weapon wheel, takedown moves to cinematic bullet-time, it's all great. And when you're in a shoot out, the game just sucks you in. Paper and other particles just flying everywhere, the blood-curling sound that your enemies make when you blast them in the head, it's amazing.
I'd never think Max's model from MP3 would work in Max Payne 2, but he just strolled in and made the game his home. You can learn more about Max's addiction(?) and his view on things through the comments that he makes when he picks up painkillers or kills an innocent person, which is a nice touch. The only thing the gameplay leaves out is the cover system, but we could all do without that.
The ability to have all weapons in your slots gave you too much freedom in my opinion, so I thought the weapon wheel would be a good idea. The weapon wheel is fast and convenient plus, it adds more strategy, but manually picking up ammo can be a real pain sometimes, and if you accidentally switch out your weapon for another one, you can't get it back. And sometimes, there may be cuts in the dialogue during gameplay, or the cutscene before the comic cutscene.
Overall, this is the greatest mod for Max Payne 2 I've ever played and I'm not just saying that. Users may have reported other bugs, but I'm pretty sure there will be a patch for it. Keep up the awesome work, The_Silver.

The mod is AWESOME!!! I just really did not like the MPK FPS view... :P
... however...
... it is the best Max Payne 2 mod ever!!! :D


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