The purpose of the mod is to make Max Payne 2 more realistic and tactical, but at the same time to give a dramatic and cinematographic feel to the shootouts.

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Very improve and awsome

I´m mexican... I have the game on spanish and is very, very, very good!

one of my favorite mods on mod bd and the effects are awesome great mod

This is the best MP2 mod i've ever played. I recommend using this mod if you love gruesome and realistic gameplay. I cannot wait for the Payne Evolution mod to be released!

This is one of the greatest mods for any game I have ever played. Right from the main menu with the fantastic choice of music I knew this was going to be great. The cover system is fantastic and the weapons are a great addition without being annoying or over powerful. You have re kindled my love for this great game. Thank you.


Incredible Mod. The MP Engine pushed to its limit. Perfect!


Love this mod. The weapons, the effects evereything is perfect

Love it

This is one heck of a mod, its the best way to play Max Payne 2, even for a beginner. I used this mod to start the game, without the non-mod version, and I loved every bit of it. Thank you.

I love the music, the atmosphere, the effects and just the feel of Max Payne. You really feel his emotions better with this mod. I guess you really can say; "I am Max Payne".

How 2 use it? xDD

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