Painkeep v2 - Smash your opponents with all the Pain you can dish out. Deathmatch mod - make other players "die." Disclaimer - this is a free product with no warranty - see disclaimer.txt for details. Codename - Cataboligne - programmer and proud shovel owner.

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How has "the Archons" progressed since the beta 1.1 release last year?

Reasonably new features for this release:

Archon magic! (yes, it works)
Archon "soul vessels" - limits to Archon powers
Sphere of Annihilation super black hole mode
Many nasty bugs have been eliminated. :-)
More monster enhancements than you dare shake a stick at
PK 3.0 support is pretty much finalized
HUD update, a few new features here

What is left leading to final release?

Finalizing the Archon vs. Archon conflict
Deciding if demi-archons will make it in before the mark III recode
Avoid any more feature creep, if at all possible
Decide if the map-hack tech maps will -
a. be included
b. have some kind of limits
(these are the design spec for the "realms of Chaos" world)
Decisions regarding HD pack integration:

What significant part of the current plan is still missing?

The ability to pick up an Archon "soul vessel" and carry it to a flag altar and sacrifice it for the points and / or build up to the Archon total not even written.
Some approximation may be put in - then again it may not.

What is the main challenge?

I got bit hard by the "new code" has to be written _now_ syndrome.
I've started the qc++ v1.07 recode already. This will be a major
resource hog on my limited free time. It will be some time before
this new code base grows into Chaos mod mark (III).
It is very necessary - some of the mark (II) code simply does not go
forward very well. The recode will fix a few corners I painted myself
into with the mark (II) code base.

What is the current status?

I have just squashed the "floating" zombie bug (I hope - the bots are testing for me right now...)

fig 1. the "floating" zombies

When I am satisfied with the result - I just need to build the release package.
Then boom - you get it. In time for the holiday week.
Gee, arent I a swell guy? Ha ha.


fig 2. bots give 100% testing new features

zappy, zappy! _____________________________________ sucky __

rainy days _____________________________________
new worlds

fig 3. determined foes

______ arg! gremlins _________________________ new things to stick nails in

fig 4. Archon of Chaos

fig 5. Occlument Augury

Programming / Creating

Programming / Creating

2 years ago News 0 comments

Get Inspired! We are all programmers and creators. You program your own life, and create your own daily content in the simulation we call "reality".

Painkeep v2.0 beta release!

Painkeep v2.0 beta release!

5 years ago News 0 comments

EXTRA EXTRA EXTRA! The beta release of Painkeep v2.0 is available for quake players and the moddb community. Get it while its hot.

Painkeep [X] v2.0

Painkeep [X] v2.0

6 years ago News 3 comments

NEWSFLASH! I have decided to continue work on a more advanced version of Painkeep. This new tasty gibblet flavor (X for extreme?) will have many features...

Painkeep source update version 1.2.1

Painkeep source update version 1.2.1

7 years ago News 0 comments

Is a Quake engine installed on your system? Was Painkeep one of your favorite deathmatch mods? Why not try out the painkeep source code update now in...

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the Castle

the Castle

3 years ago Multiplayer Map 5 comments

Ariochs Castle. Where the gods of Chaos live and play. A clan map project that finally sees the glorious light of release it deserves.

Visage Nightclub

Visage Nightclub

4 years ago Multiplayer Map 6 comments

"I'm the seed in your head...if you're good then you'll dream. If you're good...if you're bad. K...K...K...K...Killer" As always - check your guns at...

Chaos Heaven (release 2)

Chaos Heaven (release 2)

4 years ago Multiplayer Map 1 comment

Chaos Heaven (Visit Arioch!) - A new symbol rotates serenely atop a sacred altar. Power grid flows away in all directions to deathmatch goodness. Weapons...

Painkeep v2.2 update

Painkeep v2.2 update

4 years ago Patch 3 comments

Painkeep 2.x - bug fix two. Fixes bugs dealing with bots, hub, & bot voting as detailed in readme.txt. The main install (painkeep v2.0 beta) must...

Painkeep v2.0 update

Painkeep v2.0 update

5 years ago Patch 1 comment

Painkeep 2.0 - bug fix one. Single player made play-able with painkeep items / weapons. Minor bug fixes detailed in readme.txt. You need the main install...

Painkeep v2.0 beta

Painkeep v2.0 beta

5 years ago Full Version 6 comments

Overview - Painkeep 2.0 - major upgrade. Visible weapons - 2 bot flavors - Easy bot match - Custom glquake source code - Painkeep plus (artefacts) - Quake...

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ian502 May 24 2010 says:

Very nice work, keep it up with the mod

+1 vote     reply to comment
Mv.Antitribu May 24 2010 says:

is it possible to somehow turn this into a stand alone game, im sure id software wont mind !

+1 vote     reply to comment
numbersix Creator
numbersix Jul 21 2010 replied:

I think iD would mind if you tried to make a stand alone game (especially a commercial effort) with any of their proprietary materials.

From Wolfenstein 3D all the way to D4, Q4 and rage all of the graphics, sounds and models are proprietary. Some of the map designs are proprietary as well. They have released the engine sources (up to q3 far as I know) under the GPL and even the q1 map designs.

Every one of these games has an "artistic" license for user generated content as long as you avoid a commercial release with their content. So you can make doom (1-4) and quake (1-4) (not sure about wolf) maps, mods, TC's and new games that use iD graphics, sound and models - so long as the license is obeyed.

Heck my amateur licensing forbids others from commercial efforts with my work. There is no way I would allow someone to build on my effort and profit without compensating me. I work hard on this stuff even if its still a hobby. iD (and other developers) have a gaming empire at stake - for them its even more so.

I'm concerned about the darkplaces generations mod and using it as a basis for the "Rex - Felix" adventure game server (which I intend to be a commercial release) because it "borrows" heavily from wolf to q3. Already making a list of materials that can't be included because they were based on proprietary stuff - even if I made them myself.

+1 vote   reply to comment
numbersix Creator
numbersix May 22 2010 says:

Got an update ready.

I was trying to squash one last bug where the cam doesn't work when in some water levels (just above waist level.) It just stops chasing. Unless the water is re-vised for transparency.

Turns out it keeps chasing! The engine just isn't updating the view. No idea why.
So with that I'll be releasing the update.

The fix I'm issuing for this "feature" is to use water vised for transparency.

+1 vote   reply to comment
numbersix Creator
numbersix May 20 2010 says:

Bugs found (so far) and fixed in 2.0 beta release:

FIXED: all bot voted do not cause exit (hub.qc) --- really seems fixed, hard to tell
DONE: new air cannon map model in arc -- built, installed
FIXED: hub spawning multiple dead cam in wait for votes think (chasecam.qc)

FIXED: fixing single player (start.bsp)

The multiple dead cam in the hub has the potential to (eventually) crash a server, so it needs released asap.

What I think I'll do is release an update to the full install.

This update also includes working (I hope) single player action and aliases for hubs:
pk_hub1 - start.bsp
pk_hub2 - hub2.bsp
pk_hub3 - hub3.bsp
pk_hubc - chv_hub.bsp

+1 vote   reply to comment
numbersix Creator
numbersix May 15 2010 says:

Painkeep 2.0 - major upgrade.
Visible weapons - check.
2 bot flavors - check.
Easy bot match - check.
Custom glquake source code - check.
Painkeep plus (artefacts) - check.
Quake 3 map support (darkplaces only) - check.

This bad boy is almost done and ready to upload...stand by.

+2 votes   reply to comment
Mv.Antitribu May 16 2010 replied:


+1 vote     reply to comment
numbersix Creator
numbersix May 18 2010 replied:

I'm testing your single player mode. PK items work fine.
I'll make a viddy soon as it works right. Somehow its gotten stuck returning to the hub, and that shouldn't happen in SP.

+1 vote   reply to comment
Mv.Antitribu Oct 3 2009 says:

ill give u a 10 if u make a single player out of this
here . . . ill be ur first watcher, ill hope for a single player mod, if you can make this work with the original episodes. it would be cool.
ill give u ur 10 in advance.

+1 vote     reply to comment
numbersix Creator
numbersix Oct 4 2009 replied:

I did a small test - it works with single player, but I will have to change some things - pk is hardcoded with random dm starts. Kinda weird in sp, but I think I'll option this - sorta cool too.

+1 vote   reply to comment
numbersix Creator
numbersix Oct 3 2009 replied:

What exactly do you want in single player? Many of the features already will work with the original episodes. I believe frikbots will even work with you in coop mod. The admin features provide for the dynamic spawning of painkeep items (they will appear here and there randomly) and they all should work with monsters. If you really want I'll whip up a config file to make it easy to do and throw it in the beta release.

+1 vote   reply to comment
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