You step inside a life of a man who steals for living and is hunted by City guards. And who has lost his light in the darkness. His wife. Rikhard is a thief. He gets certain objects for his clients. But after the murder of his wife by a hitman hired by an angry man who was robbed by Rikhard, he got depressed and started drinking. Lost the house and moved to the miserable hideout in the allies. Not doing big jobs anymore, he's doing his living by picking pockets. But then, he wakes up to a knock on his door. A note left under the door inviting Rikhard to his house for a job.The note was sent by his good friend and a client, Thomas. This custom story is heavily inspired by Thief-game series.

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Oh my God! I loved this custom story! Thank you for making it.

I would have given it a 10/10 but there were all those invisible walls that was a pain in the backside and I didn't feel like I needed to sneak. I would like to have an element of fear so to speak. If the guards would chase you if they saw you or something like that.

Never before have I played a custom story that really put you in the character's shoes. Maybe that's because he actually did a lot of talking while taking care of business around town. Having such an elaborate town for the setting made it feel like a day in the life of the thief. The guards everywhere had me clinging to darkness to stay out of sight, and I started to feel like the thief himself. I even started to feel sympathy for the guy, having his wife killed and living a life like that. Using invisible walls to keep players from wandering too far away from the objective was a good idea, but in the forest they were a little too restrictive. Also, at the end, the final monster didn't appear while the scene was playing. I wonder if the mysterious "invisible grunt" file had something to do with it. I applaud the attempt at making live conversation amongst the characters instead of all notes and flashbacks. This was what initially drew me into giving this story a shot. I surely wasn't disappointed.

A very decent story-telling custom story. Pretty good idea of the storyline. What should have been better is the voice-acting. I could understand it, but I'm not sure all people do, as it's sometimes used together with music.

awesome I really like it

As I said in Showcase forum, really unique idea in this one. This deserves easily nine. :)


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