You step inside a life of a man who steals for living and is hunted by City guards. And who has lost his light in the darkness. His wife. Rikhard is a thief. He gets certain objects for his clients. But after the murder of his wife by a hitman hired by an angry man who was robbed by Rikhard, he got depressed and started drinking. Lost the house and moved to the miserable hideout in the allies. Not doing big jobs anymore, he's doing his living by picking pockets. But then, he wakes up to a knock on his door. A note left under the door inviting Rikhard to his house for a job.The note was sent by his good friend and a client, Thomas. This custom story is heavily inspired by Thief-game series.

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The idea behind this mod is interesting, the problem is that the execution just wasn't great. Much of the gameplay is stealth based, with you sneaking around past guards to steal various items. The problem is that the guards are just the suits of armor from Amnesia, with slight modifications. This means that they can't move, and never really act like real people, so I never felt like there was any challenge to the sneaking.

Another problem is that there are invisible walls all over the place in this map, and many times I can't really see why. They just make the mod a little bit more difficult to play, and for the wrong reasons. There's other minor problems, such as a lamp that you cannot use, a complete lack of enemies (even though monsters are not mentioned), and some voice acting that occasionally gets drowned out by the game's music.

Still, in spite of this it does have some very good qualities. As I said, it does have a rather original concept behind it, and the atmosphere during some of the creepier parts is excellent. The problem is that there's just very little challenge to the game, along with some other nagging issues.

Theres no challenge to the sneaking, its not scary and not particularly funny with the bumbling guards. Its a mod trying to give us a unique experience with inspiration from the Thief games, problem is Amnesia's constraints are evidence here. Theres animations to the NPC's, they are just suits of armor that don't move or act. If you want to have a great thiefing experience then play the thief games and stay away from this ****. Theres other issues like the story not being particularly good, with the so called powerful monster being stopped by a lone thief, invisible walls and uninspiring level design.

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