This little mod replaces the Tiberium in CnC3 TW with original CnC style Tiberium

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Well, since the CnC3 Tiberium doesn't look like Tiberium, I have decided to make Tiberium out of it.

Posted by Sarge_Rho on Sep 2nd, 2008

A lot of CnC3 Player probably noticed the same thing: The Tiberium in CnC3 doesn't look like Tiberium.

So I've got a present for you: Remade Tiberium for CnC3. Both, the green and the blue Tiberium has been remade. The plan was also to make the blue Tiberium explosive, however, it isn't willing to work.

Download Original Tiberium at ModDB

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F-Trooper Sep 2 2008 says:

Nice job, has that authentic look.

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XxBaconbitzxX Sep 2 2008 says:

It's a good idea and all, but I like the C&C 3 original tiberium too because I think it shows how Tiberium has grown over the "years" of the game from the original C&C.

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Sarge_Rho Author
Sarge_Rho Sep 3 2008 replied:

It shows how EA thinks it has grown over the years. And most of the community disagree with it.

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tsfan Sep 4 2008 replied:

Ea's Tiberium has devolved somewhat, with the visceroid being the only lifeform created by it(Mutants are still human)

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Pyrodaimon Sep 8 2008 replied:

No, actually Tiberium IS a mineral. In TS, Tiberium all around the world had leeched enough minerals to become the explosively unstable blue variant.

EA just took the C&C storyline and said that Tiberium suddenly became a kind of gem that transforms everything nearby into more Tiberium. A concept which sucks actually, that's why I prefer the good ol' Tiberium and not this "I can't believe it's not Tiberium" EA has created.

EDIT: ****! I missed again. This was supposed to be a reply for Helge129's comment. I'm starting to hate Moddb's comment posting system almost as much as YouTube's.

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Stimor Sep 3 2008 says:

looks like popcorn to me

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XxBaconbitzxX Sep 3 2008 says:

Yeah I hear you there, since EA took over these games sucked..... But I still think it's kinda cool..... But this is a pretty good idea for this game.

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Black_Eagle Sep 5 2008 replied:

xbaconbitsx ea never took over, they owned Westwood since it up on it mate

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Bromly Sep 5 2008 replied:

"In August 1998, Westwood was acquired by Electronic Arts (EA) for $122.5 million in cash"

EA Bought out Westwood, they never owned it to begin with.

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Tymathee Sep 6 2008 replied:

but Westwood still had creative control. If u want to blame the "demise" of c&c games on anyone, blame the azz-tards from westwood who left and wanted to make their own crappy company who'se made two mediocre games

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Lt_Albrecht Sep 3 2008 says:

Dutchygamer at has worked out a way to make tiberium explosive, if you really want to know ask him and maybe he'll share.

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SоrataZ Sep 5 2008 says:

Actually, it does look like the Tiberium from Tiberian Dawn, but not like the one from Tiberian Sun. I'm sorry for being a mismaker, but i like the CnC 3 Tiberium more than the one from TD. But it would be a good thing if all 4 sorts of it (green old and new as well as blue old and new) would come up, i think this would look even more interessting. And because of the physical fact of making all substance to Tiberium, Kilian explanes it on the Katalyst Rocket, Kane uses a field generator so the Tiberium does not reach the outside, and Harvesters, Raffineries and Silos do so too.

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VenomGundam Sep 11 2008 says:

The new tiberium looks original and much more alienic and how its just speads everywhere

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Lucífer Oct 2 2008 says:

Green was more of a crop, than a crystal.
Blue was more of a crystal.

Blue being more toxic with radioactivity and green just being Toxic.

Also!..Tiberium DOES affect buildings, if you look at C&C 95 cinematics, the tiberium in some of the clips is sort of slowly corroding everything it's near.

Harvesters(as actually explained) were developed to combat Tiberium, in the sense that it was carefully designed and made out of whatever-special-metal that was the least reactive to it.
When the crop is harvested, it can no longer drain minerals out of the ground and is then, no longer lethal to the faction buildings as it cannot draw minerals from a metal(since metal tends to not really have almost-any).
So it is just lethal to humans still, just not as lethal to metals.
Yeah, erm...Rawr?

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