Orange Sun enhances Tiberian Sun & Firestorm greatly including campaign and increases the gameplay possibilities while remaining the original feel of the game. Basically a rebalancing together with new content and lots of spleen. Now features the Campaign+ modifications.

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Infantry capabilities
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OrangeNero Author

This is a team that works very well for hunting down enemy harvesters that are too adventurous. This transport can hold up to 2 infantry units nad is armed with an anti infantry sniper. The shiner (mutant) Electrocutter has an emp pistol that can disable vehicles entirelly for as long as he fires on them. The antimaterial sniper is armed with a long range sniper rifle perfect to kill armored targets but not usable vs infantry because of humanitarian conventions, she got a weak pistol though and is very slow and squishy so she needs the transport to survive or she's easy prey. The Antimaterial sniper is also a counter for the heavy tank of Nod which has a longer range weapon than the mammoth and most GDI units.

The building next to them is about to get its graphic replaced. You can send infantry units into it to train them to elite veterancy. at elite all infantry units become much stronger and some gain special powers like sensors or invisible on radar. The sniper for example gets faster and the shiner a sensor to track down stealthed units. You could change one of the infantry units out for a Sarge which can shoot down aircrafts and jumpjets to become the perfect jack of all trades.

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showing off some inf capabilities. read comment

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