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The game takes place in the Seven Hours War aftermath. Fighting against blood shedding synths and frightening aliens, Adrian Shephard has to struggle his way with his fellow comrades from the Phoenix Command, with the main objective of stopping the construction of a Combine Citadel. In his journey he will find what has happened to the world, six months after the Seven Hour War.

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Updated Teaser with Replaced Music - 13th July '11 This teaser contains outdated content, and doesn't show the final product. The man behind this trailer is Adam Sklar, make sure to check his YT channel, he's got a bunch of cool stuff:
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Pablo79 Jul 4 2011 says:

Epic Trailer!!
Awesome Job!

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DangerousCat Jul 4 2011 says:

Love the team-work! It always hard to show a team-work in-game, but the helicopters in the end are good! ^^ or something like that =/

Music is a bit low quality =/

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The_Error Jul 5 2011 says:

Unfitting music is very unfitting.

The gameplay parts also seemed a bit off, with way too much filters.

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MenteR Author
MenteR Jul 5 2011 replied:

we'll reupload with new music and better audio

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xXMaNiAcXx Jul 6 2011 says:

Wow man this was really sweet, the music is simply amazing in my point of view, and really fitted the video, just that it got a really low quality after the monster's scream.

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griefmaster_00x1 Jul 6 2011 says:

hl2 beta areas?

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Duke_Nathaniel Jul 11 2011 says:

It's ok though 2 things bugged me lore-wise.
- The resonance cascade supposedly opened portals to other dimensions, not planets.
- The combine didn't colonize earth, they invaded and enslaved.

Would be the awesome-st if that green bubly thing(where the text appears?) would turn out to be a lens of Shepard's gas mask and he'd open his eyes to find himself being kept in some sort of stasis <) but that's just my imagination I suppose.

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_LSh Aug 4 2011 replied:

one addition: half-life 1 taking place in 1998, so the experiment was not in 21 century
Anyway, you trailer is really good. Well, music could be more dynamic, but it still good.

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MisterMan123456789 Jun 25 2012 replied:

Wrong. Just because HL1 was released in 1998 doesn't mean it takes place in 1998. It took place somewhere in the 2000's. Go to the Half-Life Wiki and read it for yourself.

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Sklarlight Jul 12 2011 says:

Updated Trailer with Replaced Music - 13th July '11

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Sklarlight Jul 16 2011 replied:

Please keep in mind the comments regarding the music made BEFORE this post are in relation to the old trailer music.

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iridium_acid Jul 14 2011 says:

I see a little inspiration from Crysis 2, maybe?

Well, here's my criticism, like it or hate it.

First, the new combine soldiers you are using, while they look good, seem to be really, really flimsy. All of the combine in half life 2 are armored in some way or another, so I'm just not sure about the style and lack of armor.

Second, while I was looking for them, I saw no phoenix marines. That was a little disappointing, as I think it's a cool concept.

Third, I really liked the ending, with the helicopters flying by the destroyed gunship, but I think that they should be moving just a little bit faster, to make it more realistic.

That's all. Other than that, it's a great preview to what I'm sure will be a great mod.

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Arkanium Jul 17 2011 says:

I know I'm being picky here but no-one else has mentioned it yet. Other than the Combine not being a single race, 'empirical' is totally the wrong word. I think you meant 'imperialist'. And in the ending Sephard's status changing to 'revalidated' meakes no sense at all. Reawakened, revived or, even better, changing it to simply 'active' would have worked.

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cpl-bradley Jul 23 2011 says:

A little anticlimactic in my opinion. At 1:08 after the scream, I expected some epic music, and lots of explosions. Not calmer music and gameplay that doesn't flow too well. It's still good, it's just not what I expected.

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The_Error Aug 14 2011 says:

Unsynced music is now unsynced, aw god dammit.

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facehugger50 Oct 29 2011 says:

I know that the full game is better then the trailer but that was awesome.

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Captain_Hell_Knight Nov 9 2011 says:

This mod and Black Mesa Source are the best HL2 mods ever made keep up the good work :).

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cprl.sheperd Dec 2 2011 says:

wow the last time i saw this page there was barely anything now so much has happened im so excited

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Kaweebo May 7 2012 says:

Moving clouds.
Moving clouds.

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EarlTama Jul 2 2012 says:


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Sadelis Sep 14 2012 says:

"An empirical race of beings..."

'Imperial', perhaps?

But yeah, other than that, nice trailer.


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gabrieloup Dec 30 2012 says:

Now what about Black Mesa Source style of remake for Opposive Force and Blue Shift? what happened mean wile?
Allso, what about a Blue Shift 2?

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Guest Apr 14 2013 says:

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Guest Apr 16 2013 says:

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Semiy May 1 2013 says:

Epic. I'm cry

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life80 Mar 20 2015 says:

Y cuanto falta! ?????

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Updated Teaser with Replaced Music - 13th July '11

This teaser contains outdated content, and doesn't show the final product.

The man behind this trailer is Adam Sklar, make sure to check his YT channel, he's got a bunch of cool stuff:

Jul 12th, 2011
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