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The game takes place in the Seven Hours War aftermath. Fighting against blood shedding synths and frightening aliens, Adrian Shephard has to struggle his way with his fellow comrades from the Phoenix Command, with the main objective of stopping the construction of a Combine Citadel. In his journey he will find what has happened to the world, six months after the Seven Hour War.

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Updated Teaser with Replaced Music - 13th July '11 This teaser contains outdated content, and doesn't show the final product. The man behind this trailer is Adam Sklar, make sure to check his YT channel, he's got a bunch of cool stuff:
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biodude Jul 3 2011 buried:


awesome, but sure looks like you used a lot of hl2 animations, hope you are going to remake them :)

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MenteR Author
MenteR Jul 3 2011 replied:

why remake the hl2 animations? the only animations we're remaking are the weapon ones, there's simply no reason to remake the animations for say, the combine soldiers. they're there, they're good, and remaking them takes a lot of time and we only have one animator who sincerely isn't doing much.

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Spazz1996 Jul 3 2011 replied:

It also keeps it consistent with the Valve-made games, like I for example, like to have things as consistent with Source games as I can get them.

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biodude Jul 6 2011 replied:

Jeez soo many vote downs, I love the game you guys are making, but animation originality isn't the worst thing in the world. Animation remake or not, your game will be great :)

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biodude Jul 6 2011 replied:

It also seems like any constructive criticism gets negative votes because everyone is butthurt to anything that is not completely positive about the mod/any game.

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PeacefulPatriot Jul 6 2011 replied:

Story of my life, dude.

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av3nger Oct 8 2011 replied:

Actually constructive criticism does not include negativity at all.
If you are going to mention a fault or an opinion..back it up with something positive.

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furdmonster Oct 10 2013 replied:

Wrong. Constructive criticism is, by definition, pointing out a flaw in order to help the person you're pointing it out to be able to correct it. Putting something positive WITH the negative is known as "sugar coating" and is really not constructive at all, but just passive aggressive.

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legionostra Aug 21 2013 replied:

Dont worry about a bunch of 14 year old kids downvoting you...
You have 2 choices:

1: give good fair criticism not giving a **** about downvotes =dowvotes

2: Just type: This will be awesome best mod ever best mod on whole the internet nothing will beat this fenomenal piece of art!!!=upvotes

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Lt_Sherpa Jul 8 2011 replied:

Hey, I think that you're mostly getting downvoted because of the absurd disparity of the cost/benefit of completely redoing all of the animations. You're suggesting that the devs undertake a massive amount of work just so the mod would have a slightly different feel. Given the time requirement and that the devs probably can't produce animations par to the existing HL2 animations, it really doesn't make sense.

Also, constructive criticism generally points out flaws while opening an avenue for discussion. For example, "The detailing on the map is really great, but using eastern European textures doesn't exactly fit with the midwestern US setting." This is as opposed to "You should make your own textures." or "I see that you're using the Source engine. I hope by release you really plan on writing your own." I hope you can see the difference in the two.

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PeacefulPatriot Jul 9 2011 replied:

Well considering the differences between the two soldiers, It would just look good to modify their gait slightly. The Op4-2 combine is thinner, less protected, and it looks like it would be more agile, unlike the post-7 hour war combine soldiers that are weighed down with those armored vests of theirs.

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furdmonster Oct 10 2013 replied:

Well, the reason to remake them is that Opposing Force had a completely different enemy that no hl2 animations exist for. Granted, though, that might not be necessary. I could understand why you wouldn't include Race X, given the story behind hl2.

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ChuckNrs Jul 4 2011 replied:

I actually agree with you, but I don't think they need to be completely re-done.

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ChuckNrs Apr 17 2014 replied:

I no longer agree with myself saying, "I agree with your statement, BUT I disagree entirely with what your statement was."

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WarlockSyno Jul 3 2011 says:

Sexy trailer. The audio was a little low quality. But the visuals are beautiful. Job well done.

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Mr.Nuke Jul 3 2011 says:

wow my friend is being a *CENSORED BY U.S. GOVERNMENT* and says this mod completely ruins half life 2 and op4, what should i tell him?

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THRRRPT Jul 3 2011 replied:

Kill him and take his stuff.

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TheSleepingObama Dec 19 2013 replied:

I agree.

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-:Steve-o:- Jul 4 2011 replied:

Tell him the only way OF4 and HL2 could be ruined is if the developers of the game released official updates which turned all NPCs into Justin Bieber.

No but seriously, if he doesn't like it, why is he even following it? I would just ignore something I didn't like.

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Samuel039 Apr 22 2012 replied:


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Mr.Walrus Jul 3 2011 says:

Incredible trailer, its hyped me up for this mod even more than previously, if possible. This is going to be awesome.

Btw, what's the music in all these trailers? Can it be downloaded from somewhere?

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MenteR Author
MenteR Jul 3 2011 replied:

the songs used were 'At Last...' by The Hamster Alliance, opfor 2's Underground Complex theme song and the official of2 theme song.

the official theme song is available in the demo as far as i know. but we'll release some of our tracks if enough people ask for the songs.

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GodofDarkness Jul 3 2011 replied:

i would personally like the underground complex theme to be released, it has a portal theme to it that i found fascinating

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MajorShepherd Jul 4 2011 replied:

Well i'm asking for it, can you guys release this song for download i absolutly love it!

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GodofDarkness Jul 4 2011 replied:

same here XD

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MenteR Author
MenteR Jul 3 2011 says:

by the way for some crazy reason the audio got out of sync on some bits when we uploaded it. we're sorry for that.

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Velancious Jul 3 2011 says:

The 'Combine Soldiers' look very strange in the video (looks a tad like Stalkers to me). Any chance we are gonna find out what assimilated race they are?

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MenteR Author
MenteR Jul 3 2011 replied:

we haven't shown our even more primordial synth soldiers yet, dog-gy's still working on them. the ones shown in the vid are a mix of the unshown synth soldiers with humans.

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robotman5 Jul 3 2011 says:


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TrashCan-Man23 Jul 3 2011 says:

That was awesome.

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JonnyBoy0719 Jul 3 2011 says:

Can't Wait!!! :D

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GodofDarkness Jul 3 2011 says:

for some reason, its in sync with me

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videopray Jul 3 2011 says:

Anyone else having problems with video?

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ThrillerProd Jul 4 2011 says:

Obtical Flares POWA

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SDKD Jul 4 2011 says:

I got a question: When will this mod be released according to your progress rate?

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dzero247 Jul 4 2011 replied:

most likely when its done now u can stop asking. let them work on it and they probablly will announce when its ok. just enjoy the trailer

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audryzas Jul 4 2011 says:

Wait a second since when combine is race >>

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Sergesosio Jul 4 2011 says:

"An empirical race of beings known as the 'combine'"
The combine isn't a race, Advisors are.

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KarimIO Jul 4 2011 says:

With people like you in the business, I know I'm screwed. Seriously HOW EPIC IS THIS. I wish more games and mods were like this one. I mean, look at 01:50. YOU HAVE ASSASSIN'S CREED IN HL. And after this, you say "OUTDATED CONTENT". I hate to bring it up again, but Black Mesa Source has been owned by this. This is the most unique trailer I have ever seen. Congratulations, and thanks, guys. For all your work.

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Raspi Jul 4 2011 says:

Wow nice trailer

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HL-Rul3z Jul 4 2011 says:

i could've done a much better soundtrack for your trailer... just sayin' If you need me PM me anytime :D lotta love, and keep it up! <3

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Ailin Jul 4 2011 says:

I loved the trailed , you guys have done a great job. One question though is the night vision like in opposing force that you can see everything and not have dark spots that make things still to hard to see? I was wondering cause some mods have the issue that you have night vision on and you can still barely see anything

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nadanova Jul 4 2011 says:

Looks wonderful, absolutely fantastic job folks!

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RancidRandy Jul 4 2011 says:

My goodness! The music in this one is even more amazing than Spot #2!!
I'd buy this mod, holy ****, I would!

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zonbie Jul 4 2011 says:

The game look great and thorough with features, but I can't believe that you actually released a trailer with boring text blocks for exposition and such bad audio quality. You could have at least recorded the lines as spoken word and make it sound like a grunt. This trailer is just bad.

I know I'm guilty of using text blocks in my videos but at least my videos are strictly showing WIP footage, not "official trailers".

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MenteR Author
MenteR Jul 4 2011 replied:

we don't know what the hell happened to the sound quality, so i agree with you on that. but if you don't like the trailer itself, i guess we can't please everyone.

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silverfang22 Jul 4 2011 says:

Can't wait to play >:D

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Maestro_Fenix Jul 4 2011 says:


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altercuca Jul 4 2011 says:

well...that was AWESOME! nicely done...and was that a black-hole kinda weapon!? cannot wait to play!

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HavocOfDoom Jul 4 2011 says:

****... pants...

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Updated Teaser with Replaced Music - 13th July '11

This teaser contains outdated content, and doesn't show the final product.

The man behind this trailer is Adam Sklar, make sure to check his YT channel, he's got a bunch of cool stuff:

Jul 12th, 2011
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