In 1994, following the arrest of Aldrich Ames, a splinter group within the National Security Agency/Central Security Service (NSA/CSS) decided that the Cental Intelligence Agency (CIA) had been "catastrophically compromised". There was only one solution - monitor the activities of the CIA. Operation Stingray was operational as of April 15, 1994. Plausible deniability was maintained for all members. Operation Stingray recruited the best and brightest members of NSA's Signals Intelligence (SIGINT), NSA's Information Systems Security (INFOSEC), and finally something for which the NSA was never intended - a black ops tactical insertion team. Some team members came from outside of the NSA, and included former members of the FBI, the Marines, and even computer hackers. 1994 -1996 were quiet years until SIGINT found what it hoped it wouldn’t find - additional compromised CIA agents. This time they discovered a buildup of known Rogue Operatives on December 15, 1996, in Prague,...

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