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This mod is being made for those who love stargate and would like an rpg game from it, it is not a total conversion, but just a small mod which adds the ability to travel to different worlds through a stargate placed somewhere in Cyrodill. Among these new worlds will be things from several different fictional universes, including Battlestar Galactica and Doctor Who. One that will in no way, shape or form be introduced into my mod is Star Trek, so dont waste your time or mine asking for that. Having said that, please request any specific armour, clothing, weapons etc. that you would like in the forums.

This mod will be for Oblivion and Fallout: New Vegas, the page for the New Vegas version will be separate but I will not create it till the game has been released and I have started progress with it. Both mods will be worked on at the same time as both use the same models, textures, sounds and lore.

Progress Checklist:-

[X] Models (Majority now complete)
[0] Texturing (some testing but none finished yet)
[0] Implementation (started)
[0] Stargate scripts (learning but may need help here)
[0] New World (one will be in the first release)
[0] NPC's (including new creatures and enemies, some allies too)

[0] Expansion Worlds (these will be released one at a time and will not require any of the others, just the base of the mod as it has all the models etc and will be the biggest download).

Doctor Who Expansion:-
[X] Tardis (several interiors and exteriors have been modelled and roughly textured)
[0] Implementation (Not beginning till Stargate is finished)
[X] NPC's (Daleks modelled, Sontarans are being worked on and Cybermen are being redesigned slightly as I am not happy trying the current series design)
[0] Misc Items (Sonic Screwdriver, weapons, armour/clothing, etc being worked on)

Star Wars Expansion:-
[0] Models/texturing (many being worked on currently)
[0] NPC's (Simple enough, mostly human but may introduce other species if I learn how to do it properly)
[0] Worlds (several will be added after the first one, this will work similar to the stargate new worlds but will require both Stargate Base and Star Wars Expansion)

Battlestar Galactica Expansion:-
[X] Models/texturing (not much here so it didnt take long)
[0] Implementation (this will be done like the other expansions, after the originial Stargate version is complete)
[0] NPC's (Only human and maybe cylons if I get the models rigged to skeletons etc)

Starship Expansion:-
[X] Models/texturing (Almost complete)
[0] Implementation (Can only be done after Stargate Basic is complete)

Operation Stargate Advanced:-
[0] Stargate Basic
[0] Star Wars Expansion
[0] Doctor Who Expansion
[0] Battlestar Galactica Expansion
[0] Starship Expansion
[0] New Worlds Expansion
[0] Mystery Expansion

Programs Being used:
Oblivon Construction Set
3Ds Max 2009
Google Sketch-up Pro 7
Photoshop CS5

To make it clear since nobody seems to read any previous comments before asking a stupid question, this mod is NOW for Oblivion, the uploaded version was for Morrowind. Ive only left the Morrowind version there for people that want to download it again. If anyone comments asking what game this mod is for again, I will not reply and will also delete their comment.

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Very Short News

News 1 comment

Seriously, should be under the 500 character mark for once! I have uploaded the first screen shots of the first area in SkyFi, alongside starting its own page, here is the link to it, still being authorized so don't be surprised if you can't view it.

Skyrim Mod - SkyFi
The Website is now up too, this will make it much quicker for me to update anything as ModDB requires authorization (I mean I am editing this post and I made it 2 days ago).

Short Announcement

Short Announcement

News 6 comments

Well I expected to get more done than I did but it looks like the time has come to put Oblivion to sleep and crack open Skyrim. The Creation Kit is apparently...

Plans for future progress...

Plans for future progress...

News 3 comments

Right, I have been slamming my head against the Oblivion CS for ages now, a few years now I think and I still haven't finished yet. I think it is pretty...

It has been a long time.

It has been a long time.

News 6 comments

Hey all, I will be very surprised if anyone is actually reading this to be honest, I just thought I would post an update of progress and changes.

New Name and quick News

New Name and quick News

News 9 comments

Right first off, after being asked why its called operation stargate when it includes so much other sci-fi stuff too I have decided to change the name...

Operation Stargate: Morrowind Demo

Operation Stargate: Morrowind Demo

Demo 10 comments

All information needed is in the readme file, use winrar or another extracting program which can deal with .rar files to open the file.

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Hi, thank you for creating this mod it is fantastic, but i am having some trouble finding the book (key to the stars), please help me.


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neronix17 Creator

I admit it is difficult, go to vivec, hall of justice, its next to the hall of wisdom under the floating moon thingy. there is an office somewhere there with 2 ordinators in it and a trap door half under the carpet in the corner of the room, theres only 2 or 3 rooms this cud be so jus check them till u find it, the trapdoor does have a lock on it AND a trap (hence trapdoor) if u dont want to risk dying u cud use the console and type in tgm for god mode, then turn it off after if you want. the book is on the table next to the door as u walk in. The next thing is much easier to find :) hope that helps.

by the way, if you need help please use the forum, you might get a quicker reply :)

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I am actually playing your mod, but I can't find the book. I found the secret room, but there isn't any book at tables as you said, please help me...

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thanks, and i'll take that advice, i will use the forums next time.


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Sounds good can't wait
What are the requirements for this???
and what's the estimated size (eg 60 MB) of the files?

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neronix17 Creator

wow a comment already XD didnt expect any this soon lol, the requirments for the final version will be morrowind with both expansions as it will use alot of things from both of them, there is also a couple of other mods you will require but I will upload them when they are needed so you dont have to go searching for them. Im not sure how big the file will be yet but including the required mods your best just to have a gig free space. One of the required mods is about 600MB because it has 90+ armour sets in it and im using a few of them in this mod. Sorry I cant make it any smaller :(

The demo is out if you want to have a go at it. its only around 60-70MB at the most. and it only requires Morrowind and will work with most other mods.

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