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This mod is being made for those who love stargate and would like an rpg game from it, it is not a total conversion, but just a small mod which adds the ability to travel to different worlds through a stargate placed somewhere in Cyrodill.

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Just a quick update since I said I would in the last one, this will just be what the up to date plans are for the main quest.

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Just a quick update since I said I would in the last one, this will just be what the up to date plans are for the main quest.

For a start I was thinking of having the mod start with you finidng a group of Jaffa and they have a note which leads you to a cave with the gate and a lot of ancient tech inside. I have now decided the gate will be based on the look of the aylied architecture (kinda sporting the idea of the aylieds being the ancients), so that it blends in with the vanilla game till you go through. The first planet is undecided still but one will be a Goa'uld city world (think Corusant in Star Wars) where the inhabitants used to be advanced humans that were quickly taken over by swarms of Goa'uld symbiotes in the water (meaning you will definately see symbiotes in any water you decide to swim in).

There will be little if any Jaffa on this planet as I plan to keep the troops humans like in the first Stargate movie (the one with Ra), mainly because it means not messing around with a new race for the Jaffa in the first version of the mod. I also just prefer the look of the troops in the movie, they were more realistic (I think so anyway) the SG-1 Jaffa armour looks unrealistic and most of the time you can actually see that its just a rubbery painted silver material, one of the reasons I didnt get into the series till like season 7 was because of this. I will eventually have a optional patch that will change the armour to the tv series version for those who disagree.

The story on how you find the gate will mix in with the main quest a little bit, just the story mainly, as in completing the main quest or not doing it at all will not change anything to do with the mod. An oblivion gate will appear, not sure where yet. When you go through you will notice straight away that something is different from other oblivion gates. There will still be lava, the oblivion plane sky and buildings, but unlike other gates, where the oblivion realm has started spreading through the gate into cyrodil, it will be the other way round. The base of the gate on the other side will have green grass sprouting through the ground, instead of giant spikes sprouting from the ground there will be aylied architecture (new, not ruined). Since by now most of you will know to look for the building with a blast of light out the top from a sigil stone when you enter an oblivion gate so you can close it, so when you enter this gate you will likely notice the lack of such a building. Instead, you will see an ancient control tower in the distance, there will be a straight path to the tower so no screwing around in the oblivion plane other than a couple of...creatures.

When you get to the control tower the elevator doors on the side will be open, when you go in you will be teleported to the gate room, you look around, find some stuff and you will eventually find a computer that is turned on, you will recieve a quest update telling you that it would be best to find someone to help you with this (I may have the people you go to change depending on certain skills, which factions you are with etc, but for now it will be Ocato, the guy in white gold tower). When you find the people you need to recuit they will ask a small payment or maybe a quest, I dont know yet. Then when this is done you will return to the oblivion gate and see the control tower surrounded by scaffolding and large cranes and stuff, removing the gate from the tower. When you find whoever you recruited they will tell you they had some people take a look at the computer and some of the devices, and that they came to the conclusion that it could be removed and taken back to cyrodil, to a small outpost (created for the mod) so they can inspect it without the danger of the previously encountered creatures.

A mage will approach you after the conversation ends and he will hand you some devices they found, weapons and armour included in this. One of the devices I have decided on is a magicka inhibitor, like the anti-prior device from the tv series it will stop anyone within a certain distance from using magic, the down side being that that means you cant use magic either. The armour will be the padded stuff you usually see Alterans wearing in some atlantis episodes, and the weapon will be a ceremonial sword.

When you are done posing in your new outfit (if you do that) you will need to wait 2 weeks for the outpost to be built, and for the gate to be transported to it, which I think is fair since you wouldnt have the outpost suddenly appear within hours of finding the gate in the first place. After which you will be told they have found out how to activate it and who it was built by etc, and you will be thrown through along with several brave and doomed warriors into the first world.

The story from there on is blurry so I wont bother explaining the rest of that. The only reason I havent posted images of the outpost is that it is still in progress and I dont see the point in upping a WIP image since all I will get is complaints that the gate wont fit into any of the buildings or that the outpost is too small or anything like that, I have yet to finish the gate so I will be using a place-holder for it (just a big inch think circle). I will be making a few small buildings specifically for the outpost too so they wont be there till thats done either.

Anyway thats the update for now, I should stop saying they are 'quick' since they never turn out that way...



awsome update.

ps. first.

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neronix17 Author

More long and boring than awesome lol

p.s. second.

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I like what I read with the exception of the Goa'uld City world.

It makes little sense to me that an advanced human world would just happen to have Symbiots in the water...and why the Symbiots would only take hosts/be notcied by humans so late in their development.
It's unlikely they were there by the Goa'uld to subtly convert the masses either...someone whould have noticed, Goa'uld wouldn't do that with their own kind and imo, the whole idea of a huge city of Goa'uld seems very strange too.

Goa'uld are far too agressive to live with billions of others of a sprawling city world lol Hence why Goa'uld have a few retainers and the system lords are always fighting.

Everything else I love the sound of, I'm eagerly awaiting this mod to come to full fruition, just thought I'd offer my two cents

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neronix17 Author

Well luckily Ive already thought through all of those things, and the symbiotes werent there when the human population was growing and advancing. Keep in mind that the Goa'uld in SG-1 were small in number and all wanted to be gods, but there were also another faction of them, the Tok'ra, all basically good and were able to live with a large number of others without a problem. With that, I thought itd be cool to see what would happen if, I dunno, a ship crashed on the planet? And maybe this ship had cargo of several hundered thousand symbiotes?

And about people not noticing, Im not going to explain fully yet but think of the episode where a whole town had clones of symbiotes inside them and not one of them had a clue.

Plus, this isnt much of a canon mod if you havent noticed lol, the only things that are staying the same so far are technology and the races. Im not even sure if Im going to make the entire population goa'uld, maybe just the more important people, like the Prime Minister (yes I live in the UK so its going to be that instead of president). Whichever I choose will still have the same basic story to it so I can decide that when I start.

And as a little clue to the story, goa'uld used Unas before humans as hosts...

Glad Im starting to get more feedback now :)

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