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This mod is being made for those who love stargate and would like an rpg game from it, it is not a total conversion, but just a small mod which adds the ability to travel to different worlds through a stargate placed somewhere in Cyrodill.

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When you start with the mod turned on, go to Balmora and talk to the guy sitting in his balcony at the very north east corner of the town, he will send you on a quest to find a book, go to Vivec, Temple district, go into the Hall of Justice, find the bit where you can go up a level and theres 3 or 4 doors, go into the middle one, there will be a trap door in the corner of the room with 2 ordinator in it. In there is the secret library, on the table as you walk in is the book, go back to the old man with it.

The next part of the quest sends you to look for the activator, for most of you the riddle would have been easy if youve played alot of morrowind itself, on the other hand people arent that good with riddles, go to Ebonheart and there is a dragon statue in the middle of the docks, the crystal is on the front of the pedestal. Pick it up and take it back to the old man.

When you hand the Activator to the old guy he sends you on another quest, this takes you to the Seyda Neen stargate, use it, you have the activator so it till work now, use the DHD itself first to set the destination then press the Activator to Dial the gate. when the gate has dialed walk through.

You will now be in a temple with a DHD and stargate {DO NOT USE THE DHD - THIS WILL STOP YOU FROM COMPLETING THE QUEST!!!} There will be a platform with a red circle on it, stand as close to the middle as you can and use it. The transport rings will take you up to a spaceship which holds an unusable stargate and a dead body, watch out here as there will be Guards which are pretty much Ordinators just now which you have to kill, there is around 6 of them. Find the book near or on the dead guy, head into the ship and you will find the book you were sent to get on a large platform in the middle of a big room. You need to either have good acrobatics or have the levitate spell to reach it, this stops you from grabbing it the moment you start the game. Once you pick the book up head back to the Transport Rings and use them, Now you can use the DHD in the temple, when you try to use it there will be a loud explosion noise, there should now be water steadily rising, run to the back of the room where there is a tapestry on the wall, there is a secret passage there (you may have to wait till the water is high enough to reach it, go up the long shaft and there will be a door on your left leading outside.

You will now be in the middle of the ocean, swim to the top and make your way back to land (or, if you have one, use a spell or scroll which you can teleport with, such as divine intervention or the mark and recall spells) head back to the old man in Balmora and talk to him, after you talk to him about what happened and the dead guy being there he will give you the Activator for the Balmora stargate and a bracer which gives you some very good power.

Thank you for playing this mod!

Later versions will NOT require you do quests like this one, they will just have the stargates there and able to be used, although there will be a main story quest, which includes taking down the 9 system lords...

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