OpenCoop is a cooperative multiplayer modification for Doom³. Up to 4 Players can fight over Lan or Internet the Id Software campaing, the Addon "Ressurection Of Evil" or one of 42 custommaps as InHell or ClassicDoom for example. You can customise you playermodel with 13 individual heads and tint your amor over a colorslider. Every player can pick up weapons and armor once. Collected health from medpacks or heathstations goes into a heathpool, where you take HP from when respawning after dying. The AI got tweaked to act smarter with multiply attackers and the strength scales depending on the number of players. In "Hellwave" gametype you fight against waves of monsters on the original DM maps or on one of 3 new custommaps.

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9 Willie5

Jan 19th, 2011

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10 Dafama2k7

Nov 7th, 2010

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Maxen1416 says
8 Maxen1416

Oct 28th, 2010

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10 Kingo64

Aug 29th, 2010

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9 LolFlox

Jul 6th, 2010

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9 TheUltimateDoomer

Mar 30th, 2010

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9 Boxcutter

Mar 1st, 2010

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10 Irena

Nov 2nd, 2009

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10 harrified

Aug 25th, 2009

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10 machole

Jun 14th, 2009

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