open Outcast is a total conversion mod for Crysis Wars that should become an unofficial successor of the Action-Adventure Outcast (by Appeal).

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It's release time, people! The second technology demo of the open Outcast project is ready for testing...

Posted by s87 on Sep 19th, 2010

Oasis 1.1 is released!

By the Yods!

After a preview version has been released over torrent yesterday, we are happy to announce that the official release is now ready as well. Some of the bugs that have been reported in the torrent version were already fixed. So if you got this torrent version then try out this patch. You may also want to check out one of the first reviews of Oasis 1.1.

Now go download Oasis 1.1 and have fun ;-)

Oasis 1.1 - Island

Wanna join us?

Nothing simpler than that. We currently have a lot of open positions for our team and we are always on the look for new members with good skills. If you are interested in joining us, just visit our job site here and see, if one of the positions fit you.

At the moment, the most wanted jobs at open Outcast are:

  • 3D Artist
  • Character Animator
  • Leveldesigner
  • Gamedesigner

Just follow the instructions on the webpage and apply for one of those jobs if you think you can stand it!

But I don't have Crysis or Crysis Wars!

No big deal, simply use the freely available Crysis Wars Trial to run Oasis 1.1 as described here.

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nopushbutton Sep 19 2010 says:

wait, so is this the same version as the torrent posted earlier?

oops nevermind, I just read the post

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SPYFF Sep 19 2010 says:

Extreme cool techdemo! Nice job, boys!

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madcybi Creator
madcybi Sep 19 2010 says:

nope, it slightly differs...there are some bugfixes in. but if you already downloaded the torrent version you only need to have the patch ;-)

Thanks mate ;-) Don't forget the survey to tell us your impression on the demo...

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L34D Sep 19 2010 says:

downloading right now... :D

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Rich_Zap Sep 19 2010 says:

Downloading... Will take a while though as I need the Crysis wars trial as well XD.

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chris_sloany Sep 19 2010 says:

alright well i got everything working so far, like when i launch oasis is when i have the problem, i press start game, but it wont start, the music just computer dosent freeze, but like the game wont start

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Cry-Ruan Sep 19 2010 replied:

Hey Chris, can you file a bug report on our forum here?

Cheers, and we'll do our best to solve your problem. :)

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NullSoldier Sep 19 2010 says:

Downloading immedietly! Using my 35mbit connection this should'nt take any time at all.

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NullSoldier Sep 20 2010 replied:

I played the tech demo and I have a LOT of suggestions. I would like to find a place to post them such as your forum or your survay. The game has a lot of good elements to it, it just needs a bit of reworking. I have a few major logical complaints that I think all players suffer from, and I'm not saying this because "I think that what ever I hate must suck" as most gamers who suggest things do.

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Cry-Ruan Sep 21 2010 replied:

We always appreciate good constructive feedback, please use our Oasis 1.1 forum:

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hulk0 Oct 2 2010 replied:


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SairenSA Sep 20 2010 says:

384 kb/s win? :/

I think not...

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SairenSA Sep 20 2010 says:

Guys, i want to know whether if there's any news for the fact that cryengine 3 will be free (the free version)? Please share :)

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Cry-Ruan Sep 21 2010 replied:

Not really ooC news, but Crytek have nothing to say on the matter at this time. ;)

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Phalxor Sep 21 2010 says:

i fail to understand. you are demonstrating tech already developed a while ago in crysis wars? or you developed some new tech for this engine that isn't yours.. I should probly try and read something

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tassitassi Creator
tassitassi Sep 22 2010 replied:

It's an update to our first tech demo. This one adds:

* free travelling between different regions
* advanced 3rd person camera
* Journal
* Dialogue choice screen
* Custom HUD

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madcybi Creator
madcybi Sep 22 2010 says:

and voice acting for cutter
and a new region
and subtitles for french and german
and ...


Just download it and play!

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nic40on Sep 27 2010 says:

Simply incredible work people ! :) Keep it up !!! :)

a few notes for improvements through ! :

1-Animations for cutter and npc's need improving(especially while standing still,stopping from running/turning etc..,need to become more flued and complex)

2-Facial expressions on characters

3-I LOVED the rear over the shoulder cam while npc's speak ! -But i HATED the generic camera circling around you and the npc....(Maybe show an over the shoulder side view of cutter when he is talking or something similar...)

4-Some volumetric sand dust while on the sanddunes and a more pronounced kicked up sand while running over them.(Also is it possible to have some distortion while on sanddunes over the sand that is far away ? For example like the heat distortion in crysis while an explotion takes place-it would be amazing coupled with the fantastic music ! )

5-More random stuff in villages are needed to bring life to the game (from generic things like ceramics,carpets,foods,stools etc..)

6-I would ABSOLUTELY LOVE starting from the snowy village Outcast started !!!

7-AND I HOPE i don't offend the guy that did the cutter voice overs...but he sounds good...too young....Maybe someone older with a rougher voice ? Cutter is supposed to be the rough,tough no nonsense hero ....:)

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tassitassi Creator
tassitassi Sep 28 2010 replied:

1. It's on the list :)
2. It's on the list, as well :)
3. Not a big fan of this either. It should be used with great caution. Thanks for your input!
4. We'll look into this.
5. This is a major part of Outcast, and we'll definitely improve in this area.
6. If included at all, it would be for the final game, not the tech demo :)
7. This is a tricky one. Try to find someone who works for free, is american, have professional recording equipment, is a good actor, a great team member and of the right age. We found a guy that was all this, except for the age-part. We're pleased with him, but are open for applications if you know someone who does it all ;)

/tassitassi, eternal outcasts

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Shadow4000 Sep 30 2010 says:

Awesome work, Outcasts!!! :)

I have too a few suggestions for future improving:

1) NPC animations, facial expressions.

2) Optional First person camera? At least for narrow places like inside houses, etc. For large outside enviroments the third person is perfect.

3) Adjustable FOV in the menu configuration options. Like resolutions or v-sync. I think tha a FOV slider with values between 70 and 100 should be a standar on today games.

4) More detailed textures on distanced objects/lands.

5) This is a bit hard,I know, It's posible to implement OpenAL sound?

6) More news from this project soon!!!! ;)

Good luck, and congratulations for the awesome work.

Edit I've found the cutter voice awesome, maybe too young, but awesome anyway.

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