“It has several puzzles to make it more thinking oriented as well as being full of action. You will traverse and do battle in many different places: labs, offices, warehouses, underground areas, silos, and several outdoor areas. You will also encounter a large variety of enemies on your mission. When it seems like everyone wants you dead, you will find many ally grunts to aid you in your mission. You will also see many sequences in Dark Operations. Enjoy.” ~Barry A Bollinger

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Aug 29th, 2012 0 people agree 0 people don't

I actually really admired this one. I REALLY love the old OP4 feeling and this one did it for me! I think i'll give this one 7/10. It doesn't cover any new ground but is entertaining and pretty fun to play.

Qwertyus says
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Sep 14th, 2014

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Mar 18th, 2013

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Feb 3rd, 2013

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Nov 16th, 2012

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