Omnibus will offer new campaigns with new character models, weapons, sound and environments from Games Workshop´s Warhammer 40k universe.

Omnibus is not official and is no way endorsed by Games Workshop ltd. The mod is non-profit, has no intent of plagiarism and only wishes to create the modification for the public's enjoyment.

NOTE: These ideas may change during the progress of the modification.


The game is class-based, with players choosing from the roles of Space Marine Sergeant, Devastator Marine, Apothecary, and Tech Marine. Each class has two selectable characters with a difference in abilities, appearance such as wargear and voices so that you can easy part one player from another.

Weapons not mentioned to the specific class can be used by everyone.

Space Marine Sergeant (Officer)
Grants a passive bonus to damage and damage resistance to nearby allies. He has access to a class-restricted Bolt Pistol with a Chainsword/Powerfist and has general all-around abilities. They are also capable of throwing extra amounts of explosive ordnance, and may find class-restricted ammo caches on the field for his Bolt Pistol. The Sergeant will also be able to use the Thunder Hammer and Plasma Rifle.

Devastator Marine (Special Weapons)
Brings raw damage to the table and starts out with the Heavy Bolter with superior parameters, high magazine capacity, and auto aiming ability. When reaching a high enough level, the Devastator Marine gains access to the real deal, Heavy Bolter with the backpack ammo carrier. The Devastator Marine can pick up class-restricted ammo caches on the field and has acces to the class restricted Rocket Launcher and Plasma Cannon. His only weakness is that he needs to be stationary while firing his heavier weapons like the Plasma Cannon.

Apothecary (Medic)
Is able to equip and deploy temporary healing beacons, and at a high enough level can use a "healing gun" to selectively heal teammates and themselves. He has access to a class-restricted Bolt Pistol with a Chainsword. The Apothecary, while fighting near the Sergeant gains bonus in melee damage and damage when using the Shotgun.

Tech Marine (Tech)
Carries a motion sensor, can deploy Tarantula Sentry Guns on the field and is the only class capable of unlocking certain door panels or completing certain objectives by means of a hacking minigame. The techmarine is equipped with a teleportation package which allows him to "blink" a minor distance. Tech Marine will also be able to use the Plasma rifle


To purge the Tyranid infestation from infected planets. The mod will feature many unique and exciting locations. If you have an idea which you think will be great for the mod feel free to post it below but please make sure no one else has said something similar before posting.



4 years ago News 14 comments

~MEMORIAL Page~ Sorry to break the news THIS MOD IS DEAD as a door nail in matter of fact, sorry i did not post this along while ago because I Didn't realize that I had the power to post a news update. Was checking the page again to see the people who can't read previous comments. The last message i got from anyone in the group was many months ago.

"nosm0ke Sep 24 2010, 12:14am says:
I cant say for sure, I'm quite busy with my new job and flat :/"

~Jawa64 - Character modeler

And the winner is...

And the winner is...

5 years ago News 46 comments

I thank all who have voted and I apologize for not picking your favourite chapter.

Vote for NEW Chapter!

Vote for NEW Chapter!

5 years ago News 31 comments

I found that people disliked me having the Blood Ravens Chapter in the mod so I decided to make a survey on what chapter to pick.

L4D to AS

L4D to AS

5 years ago News 13 comments

Left 4 Dead falls behind as Alien Swarm enters the field...



6 years ago News 1 comment

From all of us here at Omnibus, to all of you, a merry christmas!

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OmeG Sep 11 2010 says:

Hi, my initial comment below was a statement that mentioned the item blink pack, already in the game and Eldar which I'm fairly sure use such an item. Their was no intent of anything, but maybe a conversation arising about in game items & characters.

Yes, I mod and know the time consumption that each field takes to develop, and yes I could make my own mod for AS. I can only assume we have had a misunderstanding about my previous comment due to "fanboys" possibly flamming the community of this interesting mod. In those cases I believe it just to issue negative feedback to bury their childish comments.

This mod would make a great addition to the AS engine, and I hope to see it reach the point where it can be expanded upon at a later stage. I believe modders such as nosm0ke add more value to games and applaud his talent & hard work. I hope this comment has shown my respectfulness for the modder and this community & wish nosm0ke good-speed on his mod.

+4 votes     reply to comment
Carrion_Lord Sep 12 2010 replied:

Having just read what you've posted I'm very sorry I misunderstood your intentions, please accept this as an apology.

+1 vote     reply to comment
OmeG Sep 12 2010 replied:

No worries, consider the apology accepted, best of luck on the project.

+2 votes     reply to comment
OmeG Sep 6 2010 says:

Eldar = Blink Pack "special Character"

-2 votes     reply to comment
OmeG Sep 9 2010 replied:

Not sure how or why a suggestion meant to improve/benefit the mod with something that could be done gets a negative rating...

-2 votes     reply to comment
Carrion_Lord Sep 11 2010 replied:

That would be because you would seem intent on adding new races to the mod.
I'm unsure if you've ever modded a game before, but it's a long and arduous task that takes up great stretches of free time to create even the more simple of models/maps/scripts. You should consider yourself lucky that nosm0ke is even making a mod with 'nids and Salamanders. His progress so far has been simply amazing.
To put this bluntly - don't try and expand the mod beyond what it's trying to be. Especially in such early stages. That goes for all you Ultramarines fanboys and people screaming "I want this race". If you think you could do it better, go make your envisioned mod yourself.

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jerem007 Sep 5 2010 says:

thx a lot

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jerem007 Sep 5 2010 says:

everyone i am going to look like a complete noob but where (or how) can i learn to mod, to watch a team of modders doing their job or anything else?

+2 votes     reply to comment
jawa128 Sep 5 2010 replied:

programmers should start here or on youtube searching for programming basics.

modelers start here

+2 votes     reply to comment
chaosmaster4 Sep 3 2010 says:

its good to see you guys are still kicking ^^

0 votes     reply to comment
Roasted-Salmon Aug 31 2010 says:

hmm.. i only see model concept not so much map concept...:/

0 votes     reply to comment
nosm0ke Creator
nosm0ke Aug 31 2010 replied:

gotta start somewhere, huh? :P

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