Old Republic mod for Forces of Corruption. Exactly as it says on the tin.

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RSS feed Report content Gameplay diversity and 2 new units.

Thats a good looking Drone :)

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Jeroenimo Author

Thanks, was originally for Yuuzhan vong at war, and can be viewed here: Moddb.com

But ofcourse I can also use it for my old republic mod ;)

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Great idea Geroenimo i like the diveristy.

To be honest i'm learning 3DS Max again just because of your mod. Why you ask ??? Well because your mod is the only one that is good enough with the "Old Republic" theme but it doesn't have anything on land, so i want to make land units, and if all goes well and if i don't lose interest in a year or two you will have some land units from me :P

PS Your English is fabulous :P

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Jeroenimo Author

Well, if you want to help the mod make some ground units that'd be helpfull, I am completely focussed on space right now.

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I like very much your idea.

Vanilla gameplay was indeed flat: upgrade to Tier 5 your base and replace lesser tiers with a unique tier 5 version.

Having different choices in units of the same role allows for more personality in your strategy and customization of your army.

I'll go drones, for ex. I am all about speed with fighters, that's my style.

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Youtube.com 1080P

I want more diversity in gameplay. To many mods have one basic cruiser variant and the rest are just upgrades of that. I think that more unit diversity will cause more interesting gameplay. This video was made with the idea to show you that.

2 fighter squadrons, the gunship and the drone, both designed for the same purpose but radical different ways of achieving its goal. Both effective at what they do, just in different ways.

Gunship model/rigging + skin by Warb_Null
Drone model/rigging + skin by me, Geroenimo

Commentary is not the best, I had a good commentary video before, but I lost that due to a computer crash so I had to redo it.

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