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Hello there, I've got some good news, and some bad news, and a list of FAQ that are never asked. What the hell does that mean? Well I guess a lot of guys think it, but never ask me.

Posted by Jeroenimo on Dec 31st, 2010

1. First of all the shocking news, I've got new planet textures. From burnstrobe. Super-high resolution and quality. About 50 of them.

Now you've seen some of his planet textures before in a media update, but these are just insanly good, I'll upload some pictures of them ingame later, so that really is a good thing if you like graphics, I know I do. And to all guys that haven't got a game computer, a video card that can play FoC on max these days shouldn't cost more than 30 €/$ whatever your currency is, so you really don't have to starve inoder to play FoC on max.

One downpoint: Textures that were (crap) 340 KB have been exchanged to (super) 5462 KB textures. I was trying to reduce download-size but come on, yea it's 15 times the size but 20 times the epicness.

2. Second, I think I'm going to put the lasers from The_Farseer back in, I got them from his Rise of the Mandalorians mod (Moddb.com) and they did look better than the ones I have now. I thought that I couldn't use those anymore because of the Thrawn's Revenge problem (Moddb.com) but I checked the credits to be sure and the lasers were made by Filo, not Codeuser, so I'm pleased to tell you I'm going to put those back asap. (as soon as possible)

3. And last but surely not least, I've found (yea, I never stop looking) more instrumental music to put into the mod. FAQ that are never asked:

Q: Why the fuck don't you just use the original Star Wars themes? It's much better!
A: Well sorry, but I can't exactly say I like those, and the music I find is (IMO) far better than the Star Wars themes.

Q: What If I don't like your music style? I think it sucks!
A: Well again sorry but then you'll just have to put the music all the way down, can be done in the Audio section under Options.

Q: Where can I find the music you use? I think it rocks!
A: I find my music on youtube, with artists as two steps from hell, audiomachine, 5th wheel music, Future world music and sonic librarian. These aren't all, but just to name some, then I use my perhaps not to legal trick to download them from there and convert them to .MP3 I so I listen to them on my MP3 player or just when I'm modding. *cough Lmgtfy.com chough Uchough first link cough* damn cold I cought.

Damn I think I just helped out half the community to find music. Shit I never know when to keep my mouth shut, or this music just deserves to be shared.

Q: How can I get the normal music back in? It fits the game better.
A: You know, I don't know, you can change all the names of the original tracks to fit the ones I've got in my Music folder, but that'd take some time, and I'm fine with my own music, so if you don't like it, third time, that's just your problem then.

bands are much better! Can you use their music?
A: No.

Well that'd be all, HAPPY NEW YEAR MATES!

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Mathijs91 Jan 1 2011 says:

Bit arrogant to call random mysic you find better than what John Williams and the London Symphony Orchestra made, but ok :P

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carlig Jan 1 2011 replied:

I fully agree, i mean your music is ok and fits pretty well but you seriusly cant say it's BETTER than Jonh Williams' music clips...

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Jeroenimo Author
Jeroenimo Jan 1 2011 says:

That's why I said (IMO) (In my oppinion). No one can jugde my oppinion wrong. So I took out the arrogant part by saying that.

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WooZIE997 Jan 1 2011 replied:

l m f a o at that last Q ^_^ my wife was staring at it for 5 minutes like what the hell does that mean??!! lmao!!!!

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vadereclipse Jan 1 2011 says:

as long as it's not the rock music that was in the first version, that's fine. needs to be something instrumental!

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Chaplain_Alphitas Jan 1 2011 replied:

Rock is instrumental.

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vadereclipse Jan 1 2011 replied:

i meant non-lyrical.

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neronix17 Jan 1 2011 replied:

Anything can apparently be instrumental, jus only when nobody sings in it. Glad I know how to change it so I dont have to put up with the crap some mods put in.

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Jeroenimo Author
Jeroenimo Jan 1 2011 says:

I hope you don't mean mine lordrahl ;-)

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IceViperLat Jan 6 2011 says:

i see you was serious when you told me about that link:D

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Jeroenimo Author
Jeroenimo Jan 6 2011 says:

I guess, hehe

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DarkAwakening Jan 16 2011 says:

anyone who would like the original music I may make a backup of the original and just rename it and if you would like to use it you can just replace the music geroenimo does with the original. however doing this will cause the download to be larger. If not can make it a seperate download on the forums if you want the original back on it.

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Vlado87 Jan 23 2011 replied:

well I think that is beter original music

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