Global mod for STALKER SHoC, intended to recreate a highly atmospheric Zone with highest possible quality, stability of the game, rich gameplay and loyalty to the canons of the Sci-Fi genre.

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As i said in one comment from the main modpage:

I totally recommend it and take your time with this mod, is just amazing af, full of content and entertainment.

great mod
after being a huge fan of Oblivion Lost and not finding many other mods out there that did it for me, this one is brilliant and unforgivingly difficult, captures the essence of zone life very nicely

OGSE is the best mod of SoC that I have ever played.

Just beautifull gameplay, a very rich action, good difficulty. Great weaponry. Keep it up!


Absolutely fantastic. Very few of the STALKER mods I have played managed to capture the grim, harsh and deadly nature of the zone as well as this one. I am a veteran of many different "difficulty" mods yet this still gives a good challenge.

I also have to commend the first impression it gives. Upon loading the main menu you are immediately met with the atmosphere of the zone, between the beautiful art, the somber sound of Moonlight Sonata and the ambient zone sounds over it. Further, when you start a new game one of the few starting items is a fully playable harmonica, so you can truly join in around the trashcan fires with your fellow Stalkers.

Such small touches that aren't strictly necessary for the gameplay really make a huge difference in immersion and enjoyment. Truly one of the best mods.


They thought of everything. Can't stop playing this mod. In my second game,
but haven't found dead city yet.

New content is little confusing sometimes. Great job anyway!

Leave it to the Russians to blow something out of the water...Awesome mod!


I like it very very much!!!

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