First idea which brought our mod to life was to recreate the game conception that we had waited for instead of the one we've got, as the original game release turned out to be crippled in content and gameplay features. So we, along with many other STALKER fans, were eager to make it closer to our expectations. OGSE mod was founded in 2008 as a small add-on to the well known OGSM mod, created by a small group of STALKER enthusiasts, and within the following years it has grown into a huge global mod, with lots of exclusive features and advanced gameplay, having totally surpassed its ancestor. Nowadays the OGSE mod has no shared code with the OGSM, and it's team consists of 17 developers and 15 beta-testers.

Our goals are:

1. Rich gameplay with high replayability.

2. Perfect stability

3. Perfect image quality with no loss in game performance.

These are very high goals to be combined in one mod, so our development process takes pretty much time, lots of it being spent on bugfixes and code optimization. Our mod doesn't contain that huge amount of features as e.g. the "Solyanka", but it is well balanced, highly technologically advanced, remarkably stable and free of logical and storyline contradictions. We also offer a good online support for our players.

Some time we found out that our mod was popular even with foreign community - players were spending a lot of time installing OGSE 0692 on World-wide version of the game, and that is quite a non-trivial task, by the way. Even a rough translation was made by some enthusiasts. So it was decided to help the community and an official translation project was initiated. The translation is currently completed, and we are released the official English version of OGSE 0692.

Version 0693 will be released in both Russian and English concurrently, but English release can take some time to appear after the Russian one - the amounts of text in mod are huge and it's take a significant amounts of time to translate it all properly.

We also must inform our players what we are canceled our OGSE 07 development on Clear Sky game engine, due to the fact what all goals we set on 07 are already integrated in currently developed 0693 version. Most likely OGSE 0693 will be the last release of OGSE, but not the last project of OGSE Team, of course. More details are to follow in articles later.

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Just beautiful image from the Hollow Easter egg at the DarkScape (Hollow in our mod) Struggling with whole army
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52 comments by KamikaZzeRu on Jun 6th, 2014

Keep in mind that this information is not final, so it's subject to change by the time of the mod official release.

System requirements

Operating system and the amount of RAM:

Windows XP - at least 3 GB of RAM
Windows 7 x64 - at least 4 GB of RAM

Stable operation of the mod for configurations with Windows XP and less than 3 GB of RAM, as well as Windows 7 x86 with ANY amount of RAM is IMPOSSIBLE, so technical support aren't covering such configurations; 90% of all the problems and CTDs on such configurations are associated with a lack of memory. It is well known and repeatedly confirmed by testing the mod in the development process. So after will be released, please, make sure that your system meets the mod requirements to the amount of memory before reporting some problem. Windows 8 performance testing has not taken place yet, but in general terms the memory requirements of Windows 8 are similar to her predecessor, Windows 7.

System requirements below are estimated under original game's graphic effects set at maximum. With total turn-off of all additional effects video card requirements comply with the original game using full dynamic lighting (R2 render). While working on the 0693 static render (R1) WAS COMPLETELY REMOVED, so now game always starts in the dynamic lighting mode. Note that playing with additional effects requires a graphics card of modern architecture with lots of shader processors.

Attention! The following system requirements are a rough estimate, and may be somewhat overstated. Closer to the release date we'll perform benchmarking on specific test configurations and report on the obtained results.

CPU requirements:

To play without additional rendering effects or on the minimum settings of additional effects in resolutions up to 1440x900: Intel Core i3-4130 or AMD FX-4100 (or A10-6800K)
To play on minimum or medium settings of additional effects in resolutions up to 1440x900: Intel Core i3- 4130 or AMD FX-4100 (or A10-6800K)
To play on medium or high settings of additional effects in resolutions up to 1440x900: Intel Core i5-3570K or AMD FX-8320
To play on high settings of additional effects in resolutions up to Full HD and higher: Intel Core i7-4770 or AMD FX-8350

Video card requirements:

To play without additional rendering effects or on the minimum settings of additional effects in resolutions up to 1440x900: AMD Radeon HD3850 or nVidia GeForce 9600GT
To play on minimum or medium settings of additional effects in resolutions up to 1440x900: AMD Radeon HD4870 or nVidia GeForce GTX 260
To play on medium or high settings of additional effects in resolutions up to 1440x900: AMD Radeon HD5870 or nVidia GeForce GTX 480
To play on high settings of additional effects in resolutions up to Full HD and higher: AMD Radeon HD7970 or GeForce GTX 670

Note that powerful graphics cards require powerful processors, so the combination of powerful graphics card suitable for playing at high settings with low-end processor suitable only for playing on low settings will create a bottleneck for performance and you can play comfortably on this combination only on settings, for which your processor is suitable, that is, on low settings. In addition, in any case you can customize the advanced graphics settings of the game individually to best fit for your system, turning on or off any effects (all settings are now provided with clear descriptions of their impact on image quality and performance), so the system requirements are approximate.

OGSE advanced graphics settings with hints

Hard disk space:

12 GB total for the original game and installed modification.

Necessary software must be installed on your system:

- Microsoft Visual C + + 2005 redist;
- Microsoft. NET Framework 3.51 redist;
- DirectX 9 June 2010 redist.

Game improvements and additions

While working on the graphics components of the engine, we have added the following optimizations and features (shown only differences from the 0692 version):

Note: All this effects don't require any DirectX 10 or DirectX 11 support by hardware, it's all simple old good DirectX 9.

- Shadow of the player (full dynamic shadows from all light sources, not fake ones as on the static render)
- Bloodmarks of the bullet hits on the bodies of humans and monsters.
- Ability to adjust the density and range of grass rendering.
- Ability to turn on shadows cast by grass.

Dense grass with increased rendering radius

- Antialiasing. Two types are available - FXAA (Fast Approximate AntiAliasing) and SMAA (Subpixel Morphological AntiAliasing), first is faster, second is higher quality, both can significantly improve the image quality.

Volumetric fog demonstration

- Correct shadows cast by trees and landscape from the sun, with a length corresponding to the actual angle of sunlight.
- Volumetric light rays onto the dust particles in the air (aka godrays), you can choose two types: from Crysis or from STALKER: Clear Sky. The second option seems more reliable, but also has a greater performance hit.

New Sunshafts, S.T.A.L.K.E.R.:CS algorithm Soft water edges

- Soft water edges - now the water at the edge of lakes and swamps does not look like rough plane.

- Soft particles - particle effects such as smoke, dust, fog, etc. now have no sharp edges that manifest themselves in particle interaction with the geometry of level.

soft particles soc

- Soft shadow edges.
- Global illumination - a technology that allows the calculation of objects luminosity with account of their mutual shading and shadows from small geometry details. Creates a more plausible picture of lighting with penumbras. Two different algorithms are available, SSDO and HBAO.
- Improved surfaces detalization using the Steep parallax mapping algorithm. This algorithm uses ray tracing to calculate bumps instead of height maps, which gives a more realistic and qualitative effect.
- The effects of eyes focusing and the depth of the scene when aiming, reloading and looking at close and distant objects.
- Lamps glows (flares).
- Dirt on the lens.

- Raindrops on helmet or mask glass of the player.
- Dynamic puddles from the rain.

Dynamic puddles

- Wet surfaces during rain.

Wet surfaces and reflections on them Wet surfaces and reflections on them

- Volumetric lights for some lamps.

- Plausible reflection on the water and wet pavement.
- Volumetric fog.
- The increase in the sharpness of the image.
- Real collimator sights on the weapons, with self-luminous aiming mark visible in any light conditions.
- The effects of being under water (work in progress)

Improvements of the gaming platform and game engine (shown only the differences from version 0692):

- In scripting system we've implemented the unique debugging system for catching script binders deadlocks, which completely eliminates situations with a-life hanging and provides detailed information on the sequence of a module failures and calls in them, that allows us to quickly troubleshoot any problems.
- Liquidation of the original bug with armor bullet protection inoperability. Due to this bug in the original game armor did not give any ballistic protection at all, and even worse, with higher armor's bullet protection, more damage is dealt to the player from firearms.
- We've made entirely new, unique storage system for in-game data and variables, which provides virtually unlimited storage space that allows developers to not cross the limits when creating a lot of quests.
- Redesigned and improved system of widescreen support for game interface - no more stretching textures, UI elements, etc.
- Fixed original game CTDs with e_parent && e_entity error logs, when you kill an NPC in the process of reloading his weapon.
- Added an infrastructure to equip weapons with interchangeable scopes, underbarrel shotguns and other equipment. Unfortunately, we were not able to integrate appropriately such weapons of sane quality within a reasonable time in the game, but the entire system is fully available for use by developers of mod's additions.
- Huge refactoring and optimization of the script code (a critical places was completely rewritten), which resulted in even greater operating stability than in version
- The engine is completely self-contained and DRM-free, but the original game files are still needed for the mod.
- The new system of quick and stored timers.
- Automatic connection of scripting modules with error handling.
- Introduced new handy tools for development and testing - the in-game debugging information collection system, the editor of shapes, etc.
- Completely reworked netpackets system, easy to use and secure.
- Fully corrected all the possible problems with the states manager that caused NPC to hang when changing behavioral patterns.
- All AI behavior schemes were modified, improved, and all possible conflicts between them were eliminated.
- Implemented unique armor effects, not working in the original game, such as wound healing, hemostasis, hunger, fatigue.
- Implemented exoskeletons worn over the armor, they can be put on almost any armor except scientific suits (air regeneration system on theirs back prevents this) and heavy military armor (too bulky).

- Fixed bug with incorrect change of protagonist's visual.
- Night vision goggles (NVG) are now wearable equipment and sold separately from the armor.
- Implemented the thermal imagery device.

Thermal Imaging device (alpha stage screenshot)

- Implemented separate slots for all equipment (knife, detector, biosensors, helmet or mask, NVG).

new slots

- Advanced light sources, including outdoor lighting lamps and spotlights with the possibility of scripting control (on / off by schedule, etc.).
- Fixed original game's bug with impossibility to switch type of grenades you are holding.
- Fix original game's bug with NPCs falling in a state of panic, from which they can't get out (in situations of weapon loss for example).
- Interception of keyboard keys - now any Scripting action can be assigned to any key that allows you to conveniently control any appliances, devices and instruments. Widely used in our modification.
- Central unified convenient script spawn base.
- A new engine weather system randomizing weather cycles (still in progress).
- Revised weapons manager.
- Revised and fixed the NPCs danger reaction system, eliminated problems of the original game with oversized reaction to insignificant risk and self-scaring, followed by a prolonged search for the source of danger. Implemented a reaction to the discovery of friendly NPCs corpses.

And scripting and gameplay improvements (shown only the differences from version 0692):

Books- Added a lot of unique hand-made quests. Many new devices and items are used in these quests, including readable books, safes with rotating knob locks, appliances, jukebox, etc.
- Supplemented and extended storyline.
- Added guides to move quickly through already visited locations.
- Adapted module of offline a-life from AMK (optional and can be switched off) with generated news based on the offline events.
- Modified and improved the NPCs and companion outfit change scheme.
- Redesigned anomalies traversal algorithm using double restriction-scripted logic. Dynamic anomalies spawn system made to eliminate the anomalies on fixed routes of quest characters and in transition zones.
- Changed the sleep system, its interface and scripting part. You cannot sleep under the rain, you need to be in shelter. Sleeping in the open area in the absence of a friendly NPC or companion nearby may end fatally in an attack on a sleeping protagonist.
- Implemented the control system of population in the Zone, uncontrolled endless respawn is now impossible.
- Seriously modified cars, its physics, interface and interaction with them. Now it is necessary to refuel them, camera angles are corrected, the grass on the locations no longer passes through the car model, and not displayed in its interior. Also, you can ride in the car with a companion.
- Redesigned controlled APC, its control and guidance system. When riding on it with a companion he can help fire the guns, taking over the management and guidance of the shooting. It is also possible to sleep and wait for a blow-out to pass inside the APC.
- During the blow-out, all the electronics are shutting down, including night vision goggles and electronics of APC.
- Refined effects of monsters on protagonist.
- Hand-held machine guns and portable machine gun turrets (you can take a stationary machine gun with you, install it and fire).
- New biosensors system no more requires user to wear on a belt decaying parts of corpses - all recognition patterns are now added by a firmware packages.
- Mini games with quest characters.
- New autodoc with graphical interface, and charging cartridges instead of using drugs from player's inventory.
- A new system of dynamic campfires, reacts the same way to the NPCs and to the protagonist.

- Implemented effects of critical hits for the main character - player can drop the weapon from the hands, can take heavy headshots etc. (this option can be disabled).
- The effects of burning of NPCs and monsters when you are using a flamethrower on them, new realistic flame effects for flamethrower, the usage of a flamethrower by the companion and NPCs.
- Revised slow treatment module and effects of addiction to the action of drugs, implemented new drugs.
- Improved system of shelters from the emission, an icon appears while you in the shelter.
- Redesigned minigun, its model, sounds, animation, etc. Pre-roll of barrels works now.
- Random awards for typical quests with the ability to choose your reward.
- Randomly filling stashes.
- A new revised blow-out (work in progress).
- Redesigned scheme of looting the bodies with new animations and comments on the death.
- New version of the "Companions" scheme - it's improved and carefully modified. With a companion, you can now easily and conveniently, without delay, move between locations, ride in the car, and there is a selector of weapon type implemented. Companions are now provided with improved scripting combat intelligence, and better fighting with experience grows.

- Improved the protagonist's zombied state.
- Improved camps scheme so now NPCs do not fight for a place near the fire, etc.
- New scripting combat AI to replace original AI - with maneuvering, different behaviors, using shelters and arranging ambushes. With the growing complexity proportional to the experience of NPCs.

Revised game world:

- All locations redesigned - we've corrected all of the remainder of the original unfinished geometry, added a new, expanded locations, equipped them with three-dimensional panoramas around (it creates the effect of an infinite world), completely redone AI-Net on the locations, corrected all the holes in it and its multiple overlays (sandwiches) in some places.
- Added new locations with the population and quests.

X18 new scenery
One of the Dead City views Generators
OGSE Panoramic view from Depots OGSE Dark Valley

At this point in the development these parts of modification remain requiring finishing:
- Some quests
- Some additions of storyline
- The weather system (engine part)
- Wildlife on locations (will be made after the completion of quests)
- Balance of prices and assortments of traders

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OGSE Russian Open Beta test version

OGSE Russian Open Beta test version

Jan 15, 2015 Full Version 40 comments

Jan/14/2014 we have released first public version of OGSE This version is in russian, and primarily intended for players, who can read Russian...

OGSE original soundtrack

OGSE original soundtrack

Jun 16, 2014 Music 7 comments

While you waiting for release of, I've prepared a small present to you. This is the digital single release of OGSE title music themes - gloomy...

COP-inspired inventory for OGSE All-in-one

COP-inspired inventory for OGSE All-in-one

Jul 22, 2012 Full Version 5 comments

This is the all-in-one download of my COP-inspired inventory for Old Good Stalker Evolution (English version). It includes folders for non-widescreen...

COP-inspired inventory for OGSE English

COP-inspired inventory for OGSE English

Jul 10, 2012 Full Version 25 comments

This is the non-widescreen version of my COP-inspired inventory for Old Good Stalker Evolution (English version). Updated version, changed options...

OGSE R2 official english version (fixed)

OGSE R2 official english version (fixed)

Feb 16, 2012 Full Version 154 comments

This is full OGSE R2 official english release - fixed installation package. Sorry for inconvenience with previous package.

OGSE R2 translation SDK

OGSE R2 translation SDK

Feb 15, 2012 Other 3 comments

This package contains all needed files to make a translation for OGSE mod. All texts is in English. If you want to make a German or French version, you...

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fauxhb Feb 25 2013, 6:55pm says:

i suggest that you re-add the weapon restriction inside of 100rad bar and sidorovich's basement. because you can glitch it, by dropping a fuel bomb near duty guys (for example, near garik) and shoot it (so it explodes and kills em) without making them all hostile to you.
also, ai companions rarely travel with you between the maps.

+1 vote     reply to comment
SimplyYuri Creator
SimplyYuri Feb 26 2013, 2:01am replied:

>> also, ai companions rarely travel with you between the maps.
You ain't right. Read technical info on the About Mod tab in the Configurator.

>> re-add the weapon restriction inside of 100rad bar...
You want it this way, others want it another way. We prefer to remove all restrictions.

+1 vote   reply to comment
fauxhb Feb 26 2013, 6:20am replied:

"- One has to wait for the companion within the a-life radius from a level changer. Otherwise the companion will head to the nearest suitable camp."
you meant this? a-life radius, what is that? i would like to try it.
last companion i had entered underground where strelok's stash is and died in an anomaly, but only after like 20 minutes i spent there :)

+1 vote     reply to comment
SimplyYuri Creator
SimplyYuri Feb 26 2013, 7:10am replied:

A-life radius is 150 meters. You can't take your companion in any undergrounds because the NPCs is getting to this places by absolutely another paths. You must leave your companion waiting for you in some safe place before you will get down to the undergrounds.

And in some undergrounds NPCs can't get in at all, e.g. the x10 lab. There's no way for them.

+1 vote   reply to comment
fauxhb Feb 26 2013, 7:19am replied:

thanks for clearing that up for me!

+1 vote     reply to comment
Gangsta-Piggy Feb 25 2013, 3:08pm says:

AMK weapons included?

+1 vote     reply to comment
SimplyYuri Creator
SimplyYuri Feb 25 2013, 3:16pm replied:

OGSE mod has nothing common with AMK.

+1 vote   reply to comment
Gangsta-Piggy Feb 25 2013, 4:38pm replied:

Is it possible to install amk weapons with the mod

+1 vote     reply to comment
Gangsta-Piggy Feb 25 2013, 6:23pm replied:

Or is there ANY sort of new weapons addon??

+1 vote     reply to comment
SimplyYuri Creator
SimplyYuri Feb 26 2013, 1:56am replied:

There is no such thing as AMK weapons and never was. OGSE has enough weapons but for some fanatics there is weapon addon, but it's for Russian version of OGSE only.

+1 vote   reply to comment
Gangsta-Piggy Feb 26 2013, 3:27pm replied:

Ok sorry for bothering then

+1 vote     reply to comment
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