Greetings everyone! If you have never heard of us, we have created a sand box Warhammer 40,000 that supports 3rd person and first person fighting. The WH40K MOD currently contains most races, weapons and vehicles. This mod is for the game (OFP) Operational Flashpoint. The game has changed its name from OFP (Operation Flashpoint) to CWA (Arma: Cold War Assault) patch 1.99! The mod is currently still in development. so if you get the chance check us out on our fourms

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OFPWH40K mod

OFPWH40K mod

Oct 10, 2011 Article 3 comments

Some info of the Game Features for the PC game Operation Flashpoint MOD - OFPWH40K, info on units and maps in the Mod as well.

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Released Mar 2009
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