Crescent Village... That name has been ringing in my ears, haunting me in my dreams. Why now are my childhood memories coming back to me? The nightmares won't stop... And they all surround that dreadful place.

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Truly one of the creepiest experiences in any custom stories yet!

Shortly it was unforgattable experience and everyone should try this one, you will not regret it :)

Now I see why you work on this over an year, it was worth it ^^

- Amazing atmosphere (Though I need to talk about this in the "Cons")
- Custom soundtracks definitely went well.
- Custom models? AWESOME. I loved the custom models you used. The new monsters definitely were cool looking (For some reason, one of them reminded me of a Resident Evil boss)
- No stupid jumpscares.
- Decent enough storyline to "get the job done" (By decent I mean it isn't the best, but it isn't the worst, ether. Not as bad as other silly stories out there, lol).
- Voice acting! I love it when custom stories have voice acting, instead of just making the player read.
- Good supply management; By this I mean you didn't just scatter tinderboxes and oil all over, or just not give us anything, you actually did a good job on supplying them.
- Good mapping (More info. on that in the "Cons" section - But I'm sure you already know what they are).
- No game-breaking bugs or bugs in general.
- Good scares, not cheap ones (However, more info. about this as well on the "Cons")

- Atmosphere and scares got predictable (Can't say how because I don't know how to use that spoiler box thing, I forgot what it was).
- Voice acting could of been better, however this isn't your fault. Although it was decent enough and good to keep the story going, I felt like it could of been a bit better, with more emotion and right tone of voice (No disrespect to the voice actors - at least you guys can voice act I wish I could).
- The mapping was good, but definitely could of been better. However, I'm not gonna go full detail, because I'm pretty sure you already know - since there are already reviewers before me that told you what's up

Overall, a damn well made custom story!

This mod its excellent, inmersive atmosphere, good scares, amazing maps, beautiful story, the voices are cool and really fit with the atmosphere, the notes are well writen with an impeding sense of doom that will come soon.
The new monster its a bit strange, and maybe funny, but for some reason its quite scary.

Now, the cons, a few but there they are...
The body inside the closet in the inn's keeper study, it could be made a little most realistic, not just poped out of nowhere.
The flashbacks, this ones are strange, the protagonist seems to experience old memories from other peoples minds, its a little out of place.

Beyond that, the custom story its one of the best. Not too long, not too short,


Vader8888 says

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I really liked this custom story! That flying monster was absolutely terrifying! I enjoyed making quick-time decisions to escape it! The story line was really interesting as well (and sad)!

The only thing I disliked about this custom story was the ending. I think that there was, indeed, a way to make it right without resorting to killing the innocent! And how could Simon and the others enjoy watching other people suffer? This is horrible! Reminds me of the ways of Alexander! I wish there was a choice to go for a good ending instead...

All in all, awesome job!

P.S. ''The end justifies the means'', isn't that often said by people who try to justify their hideous crimes?

Nice custom story,but the ending was ****

This is By far the Greatest Custom Story i have experienced. It reminds me of Silent Hill.

Great Voice Acting.
Great Unforgettable Moments
Brilliant Story and Disturbed Ending.
Great Music!

This is Great, This CS Deserves 10/10 but I Didn't want to seem Preachy.

Lots of Creativity was put into this Master Piece.

I must say, it's a long time since the creating of custom stories started and many people doesn't accept lame jumpscares and storyless troll mods anymore. There has to be something exceptional and interesting in each custom story, if the creator wants to get some respect from the other players and in my opinion, Amnesia world needs more stories like this one.

One of the better mods I've played threw. Great puzzle, good story, and good scares to top it all off? What more could you ask for! Gave this one a 9.

The end was very disappointing!!! "All was well." - This should be the end of story. It really made me angry! But overall it was great custom story. Amazing voice acting, mapping, scripting ect. I would give you 10, but I just can't. The end was twisted so bad.

Good horror story. Thrilling and intriguing. However some custom models (especially rock/mountain/tunnel/thingy that you walk through on the way to the cemetery) were very poorly made with even uglier textures. I just pretended it's not there to not ruin the atmosphere. Additional player requirement: visual imagination to compensate for some graphics "imperfections". Still I'll rate it 9. (could be 10 though)

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