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Woverdude Project Manager
Jan 26 2013 Anchor

Before you apply, please read the latest relevant news article to see whether or not you have skills we are looking for.


To become a member of the Oblivionauts development team, you MUST have experience in the position which you would work. If, for example, you are applying to join the dev team as a level-designer, then you must have experience in creating levels and using the Creation Kit. Furthermore, you MUST be able to show us previous work of yours.

These requirements are not to keep talented potential modders from helping us, but they are simply to ensure that people on our team know what they are doing and are skilled at it. We do not have the time to train every new member, no matter how good at their job they may be.


To apply, post here with examples of your previous work and information regarding the position which you work in. If we like your work and want you to join the team, then we will PM you for your contact details.

When posting an application, put "APPLY:" at the beginning of the thread title.

We will review all applications as soon as we can. Occasionally, if we do not need any more people on the dev-team, then we may indefinitely CLOSE applications. If so, then this board will be closed, and no applications made before the closing of the board will be considered until after applications are opened again.


The Far Realms Modding Group does NOT guarantee membership within it or acceptance of your application. We will review your application, but reserve rights to deny it. We also do NOT promise any sort of payment or reward (monetary or otherwise) for membership within our Group, though we reserve the right to reward members of our Group for their hard work.

Please, feel free to apply if you want to help and are qualified. We look forward to working with successful applicants and to cooperating with them to create Oblivionauts. :)

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