Modification to the Call of Pripyat, created under the influence of the old plot of the game stalker.

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Lots of bugs, crashes, and poor attention to details (such as pits in rooms that are impossible to escape.) Plus the translations are awful, Google could do better. :/






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thx for the info

Hello, Well I will try and give an honest review based on having actually tried it. Unfortunately it is only a first beta that was available (jan 2012) at this point and it is a long way off from being ready as a playable game. They have removed the vanilla maps and it only currently contains 1 map which is sparsely populated and contains no actual storyline. The map itself is a rebuilt Cordon that has been well done. They are clearly very talented and this has a lot of potential if they complete what they have started. It currently has the vannila npc's sat in spots like Sidorivich's which has Owl in it. A new bunker nearby has Cardan in it as the repairman and it also has what appears to be figures such as Wolf there, he is marked as important on the pda map but as yet with no use. There are others also scattered around the map such as Noah and Degtarev himself but there all currently non active. Owl has a few jobs at the mo but there was no text for them in the beta so I was only able to decipher the first 2 which where find artefact tasks. I hope this gets completed as it shows there more than capable of doing a total rebuild it's just will they see it through. It will need many more maps and a storyline built for it which is a lot of work. Good luck.



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