Welcome to the Nuclear Races! NR is all about racing anything and everything. You can race using vehicles from other mods like Strangelove, RocketX, Unreal Apache, on foot or with Redeemers. The options are endless!

Players race through maps while attempting to survive. Most maps are looped meaning races can have multiple laps.

Once the match starts, NR gives players a minute to prepare before the race starts. Everyone is then spawned into the starting zone and the race begins! The race continues until one player has finished. The remaining players have 30 seconds to get to the end before the race ends. Players get points from placing well in the race. Points are also awarded for kills, but players cannot win the match by killing others. Points for kills can be disabled by server admins.

Each game consists of multiple races on the same track. Races get repeated until either a player has reached the frag limit or the match time limit runs out. Once either of these two has happened, the match ends.

Nuclear Races includes a simple HUD that displays all that you need to know. These include: your best lap time, your last lap time, total race time, checkpoints, current lap, and your current rank in the race. Ranks are calculated each time a checkpoint gets activated.

Nuclear Races is designed with extendibility in mind. Separate mutators can be made either to handle lap times, to patch the mod, or even to completely rewrite how the game works!

For more information, check the Unreal Addiction.

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What all can NR do and whats included?

Description of Options

    bAllowKills: Toggle on or off to allow/disallow killing.
    bAllowSelfDmg: Toggle on/off to toggle self-inflicted damage.

    bGainPointsForKills: Do you want to reward killing or not?
    bLosePointsForDeaths: Should suicides from make you lose a point?

    FirstPoints: Points awarded for 1st place. Default: 5
    SecondPoints: Points awarded for 2nd place. Default: 3
    ThirdPoints: Points awarded for 1st place. Default: 1

    PointsFromKillingMonsters: Number of points awarded for killing a monster.
    PointsFromKillingPlayers: Number of points awarded for killing another player.

    bEndLapAfter3Finish: End the race after three people finish. This does not work yet and will likely be replaced with the 'start a 30 second countdown after first place finishes' idea.

    bKeepWeaponsOnRespawn: Should players get their guns back if they die during a lap?
    bKeepEmptyWeapons: Ties into the one above. If a player has a gun with no ammo, shall we let them keep it?

    bLogEvents: Log everything for testing purposes.

    CustomFlag: Allows you to use a custom flag on the checkered flag. (NuclearRaceExtras.ini)
    bAllowProjectiles: Set this one on both the flag and checkpoint. Toggles whether you want projectiles to be able to activate checkpoints or not. This setting is recommended to be turned off when racing with SLV. This setting is for people who wish to race with Redeemers or other non-vehicles. (NuclearRaceExtras.ini)
    bCheckpointsRefillAmmo: Should checkpoints refill the ammo of players when they activate it? (NuclearRaceExtras.ini)

    Singleplayer mode fixed. Now players can start the race whenever they want to by typing 'Mutate Start.' (Only in singleplayer.)


NR relies on a mutator to handle most of the work. This setup allows for future upgrades to be made without touching the original mod. Just create another mutator and tell NR to replace the old one.
This setup also lets mutators be made strictly to handle record keeping which means a UTStats type mutator could be made easily.

NR 1.3 BETA news (August 2012)

NR 1.3 BETA news (August 2012)

3 years ago News 0 comments

NR 1.3 BETA: FIXES: - floating player - UT menus - Matches with time limit NEW: - mid-race rankings - mid-race joining - Race time limit

Supported mods (July 2012)

Supported mods (July 2012)

3 years ago News 0 comments

Supported mods for Nuclear Races so far: Bat Wings Climber or Grappling Hook Quantum FighterJets Gravity Pulse MatrixMoves HenryUT HoverBat (singleplayer...

Mapping for Nuclear Races

Mapping for Nuclear Races

6 years ago Mapping/Technical 3 comments

While Nuclear Races is not out yet, that does not mean that you cannot prepare maps for it.

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Strangelove Skin Pack

Strangelove Skin Pack

3 years ago Skin Pack 1 comment

Race with a freshly repainted SLV! Skin Pack for the Strangelove rockets as promotioin for Nuclear Races. From a serious Tron look to a flying pencil...

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EntityOmega Nov 11 2013 says:

Yes, please finish this mod! I want to race my slv :)

+1 vote     reply to comment
zeep Nov 3 2013 says:

Please finish this mod guys. Strangelove back in the days was very underrated. It's great to see a mod pick it up and add heaps of fun.
Can't wait to play this with some friends.

+2 votes     reply to comment
Kaal979 Sep 23 2012 says:

Looks like the great hardcore fragrace!
Only i doubt it can have should support.
Still porntastic tho.

+2 votes     reply to comment
[DID]Madis Oct 1 2012 replied:

Should support? Do you mean bot support? And probably no, not for SLV, at least. It's definitely not a priority.

+3 votes     reply to comment
alivetillfragged Apr 17 2012 says:


+3 votes     reply to comment
PinkXan Mar 2 2011 says:

when will this mod be available? has this mod's production been cancelled?

+2 votes     reply to comment
[DID]Madis Apr 17 2012 replied:

If we're lucky, we'll get a public beta out by summer. We still need to polish some of the tracks and finish others, and Rex is still working on ironing out some of the bugs, but hopefully we'll get done soon. In any case, keep an eye on this space in the near future to see some screenshots of the maps in development.

+4 votes     reply to comment
GF-REX Creator
GF-REX Apr 12 2011 replied:

Sorry for the late reply, but NR is still alive. I've been busy with school, but I've also been working on NR when I have time. A few NR maps are also being made by a few other people.

+3 votes   reply to comment
LeviKOS Mar 14 2010 says:

This seems great. I know it's Strangelove but will this mod feature bot support?

+2 votes     reply to comment
alivetillfragged Jun 16 2012 replied:

alas... we dont think so... [:(]

+2 votes     reply to comment
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