Stan - a former drug addict. Being crazy in love with his fiancee Shanon is the complication. The sudden pregnancy and childbirth, and force him to break the old habit to remember that later destroys his life. He lives memories, this can not last forever, Stan ordered experimental drugs can cure his heartache after a dream and he will have to go through all this again ... This is a game based on fictional events, insomnia and dreams in reality. Dedicated to my dad and mom. It is a pity that I was unable to complete the project. From that console, and «Surrender Cut» meaning, then I gave up and dropped his hands.

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Short, unfinished. Once again, I'm sorry, but I just can't praise this like I did to all the other mods you made. It's a shame, it really is, but the magic wasn't there. Thing is, it almost was, and kind of is, but again, isn't. I saw many glimmers of hope that this would once again be a masterpiece, and I would probably have been right, and the next chapter of the game would have sealed the deal, but no, because the next chapter didn't exist. Good luck on your future projects, and I hope that the talent that you have gets to show its full potential.


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My personal feelings:
The plot of the game was paper-thin and very predictable.
There were many levels that contributed almost nothing to the story or dragged on for too long (the zombie level could have been much shorter, it probably would have been more effective that way).
There are still things that are left unexplained (what is with the wrench and the bloodstains? Why does Stan no longer blame himself? What was the point of the medkits?)

That all being said, this game was laced with excellent coding and animation (although a bit robotic at times), and the level design was very good. Unfortunately, this was not enough to impress me. If you apply some polish on the plot, make it a bit more unique, then I'm sure this will be something great.

Been waiting for this mod to come out only to find out its unfinished.
Nicely detailed mod, but far too dark! I had my setting maxed out to see the screen!
Aside from that, the story is quite enthralling and plays out well, with the exception of the hallucination scene in the car park, nice rain effect but the combats repetitive wave attack jarred. A shorter attack would have more meaning.
I was starting to get into this mod when the ending cut in, a shame, but a thank you for releasing what was completed.

This is an improvement over previous works by Aspik. At least there are some hints about what to do. Until some point where all becomes confusing again. Design is good although, again, very cramped.

For next mods I´d suggest to get somebody with more experience in english to check the grammar. Some lines were very bad translated.


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