Normandy '44: European Theater combines a higher level of realism with a more elaborate doctrine system, which incorporates almost 50 different military units that took part in the period of Jun-Sept 1944. This spectrum ranges from divisions of free Polish and French units serving under the main allied armies to volunteers from the Eastern Front that served in the German Wehrmacht. This is only a small portion of the doctrine variety however, as we feature numerous well known units of all factions as well. The mod also features numerous new abilities and custom made units each with a completely revamped size and structure. Between custom made units and structures with historically correct skins, Normandy '44 offers over 150 NEW UNITS, making for an almost endless variety of different scenarios and unit actions. Combined these factors provide for an experience unlike any other mod for CoH!

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It is fun and good to play with your friends .
But attetion , it will burn and destory those old and week PC .


a great mod it offers lots of features never seen in any other COH mod

Just. Freaking. Awesome. Mod. Nothing else.

Mod is perfect. Especially the new balance.

This mod takes the cake when it comes to pure all out content. The 4-point-something gigs all shows up in battle, with subdoctrines dwarfing the original CoH. Also the historical realistic units bring a new level to immersion. Want to play as the Ostbatallion from Atlantik Wall, you got it, want to play as the Polish paratroopers in Arhem, you got it! Definitely a god among mods.

The new "alpha" update is great; it takes the original mod and revises the core gameplay elements. The biggest changes I've noticed is that all vehicles only cost fuel now, (makes tanks much easier to field) and that infantry combat has become much more lethal (and exciting for that matter).

On a side note, the 2 things I want for this mod are an infantry-only mode, and voices for the russian faction. (Bug fixes would of course come first, but I personally haven't noticed any of them yet.)

All in all it's the same great mod we know and love, but with some much welcomed improvements to gameplay.

Ein Wahrhaftiger gro├čer super Mod


Very good mod for company of heroes! For me the best mod for coh.

In my opinion the best COH mod concept I have ever played it has a very realistic flavor and tactics but only lacking stability.

This mod... people... this mod...

Hands down the best mod for CoH, easily. It makes the game to much better that I am afraid I won't want to play CoH or CoH2 when it even get's close to final. This mod makes the game so much more intense and replayable, it has so much variation and tactics. A definite must-have for CoH, so if you haven't got it, download it now! :)

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