Normandy '44: European Theater combines a higher level of realism with a more elaborate doctrine system, which incorporates almost 50 different military units that took part in the period of Jun-Sept 1944. This spectrum ranges from divisions of free Polish and French units serving under the main allied armies to volunteers from the Eastern Front that served in the German Wehrmacht. This is only a small portion of the doctrine variety however, as we feature numerous well known units of all factions as well. The mod also features numerous new abilities and custom made units each with a completely revamped size and structure. Between custom made units and structures with historically correct skins, Normandy '44 offers over 150 NEW UNITS, making for an almost endless variety of different scenarios and unit actions. Combined these factors provide for an experience unlike any other mod for CoH!

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This mod is probably more fun than the game itself

Love this mod. Download it. At first it was pretty difficult to understand the download process, but its simple. Make sure you download the auto-installer, install the mod, then click on computers, go to local disk and find the THQ file in program files, then you find the COH.exe file and create a shortcut and send to desktop. With that done. you should add this -dev -nomovies -mod EuropeanTheater1944 in the target file after clicking properties on the shortcut you just made on your desktop. it has to be one space from the words in parentheses in the target file. after thats done you can play this mod as long as all your settings for gameplay are lowered. Happy gaming!:D


This mod exceeded all of my expectations. Bravo!

a great mod the best i ever seen

Dedication to historical accuracy (Something I especially love as a historian) - knowledgable and helpful modding crew - fantastic gameplay - more units than one can even use at times - and it looks absolutely beautiful. Very possibly the best mod I've ever played for any game. Ever.

Very nice mod! Some bugs and crashes but its to be expected since its an alpha release.

This mod features the best tank battles I've ever played in COH. Tanks have their true range now and can change the tone of the battle. This is the only mod I know of, (I've tried 10 different COH mods) that address the OP 57mm guns of vCOH. Tanks can now 1 hit AT guns. Hurray!
Having tank rounds bounce off of thin AT side shields was my number one pet peave of vCOH.

In this mod, natural fronts tend to occur vs the AI. The AI will set up arty at just about any cap point and bombard vital targets behind your front line. The 3 doctrines are further split into 3 sub paths, and then split again into 2 other paths. This gives each faction 3 x 3 x 2, for a total of 18 unique paths to play. Its almost like an entirely new game. More realistic while still keeping the fun factor. You can recover from losing a few early infantry units in this mod.

extremly high collection of nice skins, big pleasure to play!

great mod

Extremly amazing

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