No More Room in Hell the long awaited Source zombie modification.

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CanadianWolverine says

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I first heard about this mod on a very recent PC Gamer (US) podcast and as a zombie entertainment enthusiast couldn't pass it up looking in to it. I have been through the available maps, on the few servers that pop up in the server list, and this is a fantastic zombie mod because it will make you concerned by zombies again and not just because the ammo is sparse. The zombies are tough to put down with anything less than hit to their dome. Its often better to try to run past the zombies than engage but when there are other players if you are like me you will want to try to keep them alive as well and it will make for some really tense situations even if you are working as a team who communicates and coordinates. The voice work is a work of art, even fellow players microphones as they fade into the distance unless you have a radio between the two of you. At least on one map, the route you have to take to find rescue changes. The shadows are scary places and the use of the flashlights is almost as vital as ammo and good melee that includes shove. Oh my, that shove is the kind of thing one wishes all zombie games had and I wouldn't be surprised if it turns into one of those kinds of ideas that gets stolen by alot of other bright devs/artists and not just for zombie games either. The mod does have a few issues though, the spawning of zombies can happen while you watch, even right on top of you in some places like the gun store in Chinatown. And it loses some of its luster once the mystery of how to make ones way through a map is broken by a speed runner, I know I no longer much care for the cabin map after watching one player leave everyone in the dust to get swarmed while they looted the place dry and were the sole person to find rescue at the boat dock/lake. So, here's hoping for future updates, I know I would like some character development and specialization, but even if it were never touched again, there are diamonds in the rough here, some beautiful gaming moments.

Smallness does not hold... :\
Малость не дотягивает... :\

Its good enough.


Pretty fun with the right group, and I quite admire the long-term support by the devs and the long-term ambitious goals. Always excited when a new major release comes up.

No more room in hell reminds me of left for dead but much harder, and because of that, much better you can infected if your not careful in melee combat you could ge bitten and that means: your infected the more bites you get the hiher chance you will turn so you have to trust in your teammates to either keep watch on you and let you stay around longer.... or put you down you can use your flash light in combination with your pistol which has little bullets but is great since unless your a complete idiot you have a very tiny chance of being bitten and the hammer can board up windows and buildings to create safe room that although the undead will invetiably break it lets you set up a defense. the levels remind me of left for dead you are dropped into a level (but this time given the places often grim backstory)then go through a set of objectives in a HUGE level before calling for help and either escaping or joining the hoard. the objectives are quite well varied (carrying items from different points, repairing a generator, calling on a radio, survive, escape and a few more) in short no more room in hell is basically a hardcore, better version of left for dead (you may not agree with that but its what i think) and i beileive we can all agree thats a good thing if you have any game with the source engine you owe it to yourself to try this mod because its great fun and because of that No More Room in Hell gets a 7 out of 10

This mod in general is good, but it has some flaws in it which I will talk about later on.
The first time when I found this mod was just randomly browsing on Moddb and just by accident found it, which I could say that I was lucky that I managed to bump into it,since I have found this awesome mod like a year ago. Big plus about this mod is that it's a zombie mod, well you could be asking what's so special about that, but trust me there are many zombie mods outside and games that aren't as well made as this one.

So the positive side of this mod is that, it actually depicts really well how a zombie survival would look like, like to 70% of what it actuallu would look like. The amount of ammo is really scarce which will make you think twice before you shoot, since you don't want to waste it. Then cold weapons are a must use in this, since without them you won't be able to survive this at all.The sounds, models and textures of the weapons are amazing, the animations are also well done but only from the 1st person. The texture, model, sound and animation of zombies are also well made. Maps that are made there are also good

But on the other hand No More Room in Hell is suffering from several flaws, which will be fixed in the future patches. So the first one that really bugs me is the sync, not all the servers are quite stable and so there's a bit of a problem sync where the zombies would be a bit nearer to you or furthere from you then what you actually see. This would also lead to the point about the meelee weapons, they have a slight worse sync then the guns, whenever I try to hit a zombie in its head with a charged weapon then it would not gurantee that I have hit it 100% on the head since it would sometimes hit the hand instead when I have clrearly seen that the weapon went for the head or there would be a hit mark just a bit above their heads, meaning that I didn't hit the head.

Else as I said earlier No More Room in Hell is an awesome mod and it's worth to play it

Not as good as I thought it would be. I personally don't see how this was Mod of the Year for 2011.

Little servers. Only up to 8 players. Small maps (Only seen about 2 big maps). Still a lot of bugs and issues (hence beta I suppose). Confusing controls. I probably could go on.

But I guess I could give it a 7 only because it's unique and a zombie game, almost reminds me of Brain Bread for HL1 (which is dead now).

Great mod! Thrilling and exciting playing with requirement of full skill of survival.

However, the graphic is not really impressive, still simple and the animation is still poor when the player characters and zombies are acting really slow!

Also, there should be a zombie resisting system, I always die if resisting zombie by myself!

I can't even say defeating AI Zombies is easy now!

this mod is great

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