No More Room in Hell the long awaited Source zombie modification.

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Great mod. Zombies looks nasty and real ugly. It's scaring real good, so your pants will be craped!





This game is fun, really fun. But it is buggy as hell and WILL annoy you

Best mod EVER,no yhing can beat this

Its is the best mod from desura ever the people who made this should be famous cause they took the time and money (not sure) to make this mod for people and we all have it for free! they should have all the credits

Pretty fun with the right group, and I quite admire the long-term support by the devs and the long-term ambitious goals. Always excited when a new major release comes up.

Just amazing!

Images: Many pictures of the modeling. But none of gameplay.

Videos: Very relevants

News: Also relevant.

Addons: Nice addins.

Downloads: Many patches. That's good!

CONCLUSION: Everything okay, but the images. You should apply more images of gameplay to give more concept.

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