No More Room in Hell the long awaited Source zombie modification.

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This game is so very good game! Nice and 2nd Best game zombie ever

This is a basic zombie survival game that even with map knowledge is still pretty difficult, actually... Too difficult. Practically all the melee weapons are outright useless and hell, even with the sledge hammer being the best melee weapon, you run out of energy really fast. And With that said, you're basically forced to use guns, but good luck finding any ammo. Could be a good game if it wasn't so difficult - "impossible" but I guess these days you can't expect free games to be good because they almost never are. <.<

cause we can


It's my favorite game, that's why. It's hard, it's fun and free. Not enough? Out of all zombie games and mods, this one has THE BEST guns ever made. Not perfect, but still the best I've ever seen in this type of games, and just for that it deserves my 10/10.

It is just such an amazing game, that is why I gave it a 10/10 rating.

Simply amazing, this mod is really worth playing. If you play it with some friends it becomes even more fantastic experience. Great work guys, however i really hope that you have even more such great content make this mod even more superb, i would shake your hands if i could :)

Nice And Realistic Game!

Incredible! Brings the fear and the survival of the Undead right to your screen! A must play for zombie lovers alike.

I like this mod. That's all.

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